Thursday, December 13, 2007

Up 2 Me

Another song... sorry guys. I'm a music head. These things happen && again- Lupe sheds more light.

Up 2 Me ft. Kev Samples (Lupe's verse)

If I was in charge of it...
I'd stop feeding all of the nonsense,
I would starve all of it.
I'd have em' put the black experience on Mt. Rushmore,
I'd make em' carve all of it.
& then film a movie titled 'We Made It'
& it stars all of us.
I'd write the theme song,
& we'd all cut it.
Give us a deal,
then ball on the budget.
Start a magazine
& put us all on the cover.
I'd give all the awards to the single baby mothers.
I'd resurrect Malcolm, have em' talk to the hustlers.
I'd resurrect the slaves & I'd give em' all butlers.