Sunday, December 28, 2008

Woo Woo Woo

I meant to post this on Christmas, but things happen. Bryant of The Official Vanache Blog sent this text out on Christmas. He was excited for me to read it since it's a "poem" hehe:

Some of you I call my family, Others I call my friends, then theres the rest of
you I never call cuz we text to no end. No matter the case, you guys still hit
the spot, Like warm butter on corn fresh out the pot. I wish you guys and your
families the best, christmas, hanakah, what ever, let's make a mess. And if
the recession subtracted a few gifts under your tree, Then I'm adding some yule
time love that will never leave.
So Precious,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The title pretty much says it all. Hope everyone enjoys their day. If you could, make a point to say CHRISTmas- not Xmas. Let's not X out the man who today is centered around... or should be centered around.

Here's an inspirational message- The Window:
A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. The next morning while they are eating breakfast, the young woman sees her neighbor hanging the wash outside.

"The laundry is not very clean," she said, "She doesn't know how to wash correctly. Perhaps she needs better laundry soap." Her husband looked on but remained silent. Everytime her neigbor would hand her wash to dry, the young woman would make the same comments.

About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband: "Look! She has learned how to wash correctly. I wonder who taught her this."

The husband said, "I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows."

And so it is with life: What we see when watching others depends on the purity of the window through which we look.

Before we give any critcism, it might be a good idea to check our state of mind and ask ourselves if we are ready to see the good rather than to be looking for something in the person that we are about to judge.

I see you today-
Much clearer than I did yesteray,

-Got this message in an email. I was going to write a post about a girl I saw in the club last week with no underwear on and her skirt above her waist, giving head on stage in the club... but now, I opt out. I should just pray for her, huh?

O yea, for the record, this song is my jam. Yes, my jam.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'd Rather Go Blind

I've heard a lot of negative feedback in regards to Cadillac Records, specifically about the role Beyonce played. Whatever the case, the way she records songs with tears in her eyes when performing always get to me. I swear it does.

I don't know how long you've been with me, but remember the hassle I went through trying to post her singing Listen in Dreamgirls? If you don't care to catch Cadillac Records, just peep these two performances. If you're pressed for time or impatient, just view the last one.

Hit You In the Heart, Don't It?

p.s. I felt the first one, but when listening to the second one-when she says "I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away," it really got to me. I was sitting there like-love is a powerful mess. That feeling is all too real.

O yeah, Happy Christmas Eve!

Booty Calls Beware

It's Legit Though, Aint It?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

God Bless America

There's a NigGOD,


4yr. Old Philosophy

The little misses you see on the right would be my baby sister. She's not quite a "baby", and she's definitely mature ::cough::GROWN::cough:: for a 4 yr. old, but I'm not tripping. Since coming home on break, she has told me that:

"She loves me more than everybody."

"She's happy I'm home, but she's still happy when I'm not home." (I knew what she meant, the wording made me laugh.)

And as we speak, she's sitting on my back in the computer chair unwrapping an icecream sandwhich she didn't get permission to eat.

Not to mention, over breakfast she shared her philosophy for forgiveness with me. In short, when TC (her male best friend since they were being rocked in cradles) makes her mad they don't talk to each other, but whenever they are about to leave each others sight (her example was to go play outside during class or getting picked up from daycare to go home)-they forgive each other.

Why can't forgiveness (with men) always be that simple?

Happy to be Home :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Until I Went Comatose

I have reached the conclusion that "Temple Tech Syndrome (TTS)" is real. [Refer to post below]

In short, TTS is an illness describing the drastic decrease in your quality of life during finals on Temple's campus, and let me tell you- it isn't pretty. Nonetheless, you keep on pushing.

So, I'm bringing my narrow behind to the tech in preparation for my last exam tomorrow, and I run into someone from the class I was about to study for.

However, she saw me from a distance and didn't turn around to greet me. Instead, she just yelled my name in the opposite direction. I can't explain why it was weird, but it was just out of place. She just should have turned around.

Anywho, she proceeds to explain how she hasn't slept in two days, was on a roll studying for our Philosophy class, took some energy thing (I can't think of the name) to keep her up, and then topped it off with Adderall.

Now, her whole body feels like Jell-O and she's been stuck in her chair for the last 45 minutes incapable of moving her limbs, or anything else for that matter. Inconvenience much? I never even heard of Adderall until I came to college. Is it really that serious?

...all in the name of finals.

God's Got to Have A Great Sense of Humor,

Fuck You Temple Towers

I have yet to go to sleep. It's 7 in the morning. And I am actually not complaining. However, the alarm in my dorm goes off. Now, I've been up since yesterday, so it's no problem with me. It's an inconvenience, but so what. I pick up my camera and start snapping pictures of my disheveled roommates trying to throw on clothes, in attempts to face the weather.

Cool, so we're outside. One of my roomies has a blanket. We're snuggly. I'm taking pictures. We've been outside for about 5minutes, and one of the RA's (resident assistants who control individual floors, for the unknowing) decides we aren't standing far enough from the building.

Strike one: If we weren't far enough, we all would have burnt to crisp five minutes ago. So, fuck you Mr. Ineffecient RA.

Than, another RA comes yelling and literally stands beside me and my roomates waiting for all of us to back up, but says nothing to the people beside us. This wasn't quite strike two, it's typical "white privilege". We're minorities (Black, Haitian, Asian, and Indian to be specific).

Then, they say we can all go in, but before they finish their statement everyone bum rushes the door. Who makes it to the door first? Me. What do they tell me? Turn back around, walk to the top of the line and wait. Why the fuck am I waiting in line to get back in my building? It's 7 in the morning, we're in college, it's the week of finals, there are hundreds of kids standing outside, and did I mention it's finals week at 7 in the morning?

Fuck you. That's a ridiculous request. And when I ask the head person why we all have to wait in line and what purpose that will serve (because logically, the way the people in front-the ones who will enter the building first are standing-has nothing to do with the way the back of the line wraps itself around the block). You know what he tells me? Because I said so.

Strike mothafuckin' two: Whatchu' mean because you said so? I am not five. You are not my parent. That is not a valid response. Come again.

THEN my roomie lost her blanket in all the madness. The guy who told me "because he said so"-sees it, drags it across the (wet, from rain) street, and throws it in the bushes near the trashcan.


Now. Seriously. Was that necessary? No. So, Mr. Bald White Man-it is people like you that abuse the privilege of the wee bit of power you are given. People like you need kids to boss around.

The result? He eventually let us in, those are minutes in our lives that no one can get back, and he didn't change anything but everyone's level of aggravation. And the sad thing is, I applied to be an RA next year. Mark my words. I will be the difference.

In closing-


And the funny part is, I was actually planning on writing a post called "Temple Tech Syndrome" in regards to people running around in the Tech during finals looking like they're raised from the dead, but it seemed so minuscule after this mornings events. I'll sum it up for you though: I wonder if finals has the same affect on other campuses as it does with the Temple community. Or is it just a "hoot hoot" thing? Ugh... this is my life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Try to Fit In?

So, a little over a month ago one of my Harlem boys put me on Budden's new mixtapes. Yes, a Harlem boy I know goes hard for Joey. Funny thing is, I sideswipe Budden cause he spent too much time on his Mood Muzik mixtapes dissin' Jay. And YALL KNOW I'M NOT HAVIN' IT!

Nonetheless, the lyrics to "Just to be Different" have been playing through my head the past couple of days, and I feel like a line or two in this song might turn into my next tattoo. Hmm...

A Standout,


I refreshed my blog roll. If their last post read "1 month ago" (or more), they have been removed. Meaning: don't waste your time trying to find them. Also meaning, Lauren-you need to write something asap. Oh, and I realize that Lovo was not deleted, but he is a wonderful writer/photographer and whenever he does decide to post something again, I'd like my blog to be a reflection of such.

Random lateness:
Why didn't anyone tell me about Alicia Keys "Like You'll Never See Me Again" video? I saw that sometime last week and was way impressed. You couldn't tell me I wasn't in the movie theater, and I was surely about to let a tear fall. So, I'm posting it. And if you've seen it already, watch it again. For me. Please.


“For all we know,
We may never meet again.
Before you go, make this moment sweet again.
We won’t say goodnight until the last minute.
I’ll hold out my hand and my heart will be in it.

For all we know this may only be a dream.
We come and we go like the ripples of a stream.
So love me, love me tonight. Tomorrow was made for some.
Tomorrow may never come,
For all we know.”

Rebecca McFadden, Poet

Monday, December 15, 2008

Moment of Clarity

Read this on The Good, The Bad, and the Semi-Literate:

I am making the same mistakes with the same people,
but rather than expecting different results
I have no expectations and
am enjoying the mistakes a WHOLE LOT MORE.

I can't say that it's quite the same people, but my mistakes seem to be repetitive.I'm not learning a thing. Curse me. Things will change though, I hope. But think about it, what if the changing in expectations shows growth in the same manner changing the circumstance would?

Whatever the case, I am insisting in a major way that ya'll check her blog out. The boldness/outrageous'ness of her blogs has me thinking of changing up my writing style. Moreso, the tone I take on. I'm really considering writing an open letter to my ex, in the same manner that she did- and going in, in the same manner that she did.

Damn anyone who knows me, or knows him. You can just stop reading... long as you recommend my blog to someone else (who doesn't know me personally, preferably-and would be more entertained than offended).


You know what? For now-I'll just live vicariously through her and post what she put on another one of her posts. Funny thing is, when I say ex-I'm usually referring to an arrangement of people that go all the way back to my junior year of high school. Nonetheless, if they did me wrong-they all embody one person or should I say animal? Damn dogs. If this irks your nerves in the slightest and you're one of my ex's- I probably was thinking of you when posting this. You and him, and the one before him (not including my Newyorican). Let me upgrade you:

I’ve stopped allowing my Ex to pretend that we are friends, as it served no purpose but to allow him to feel better about the situation . When I need him, he is never around. When I want him, he is never around. I got high friend standards and he ain’t meetin em. So why call it friendship when he only serves as a second tier acquaintance. I honestly don’t think he knows how to truly be someone’s friend.

I gotta stop trickin off wit these young and nubile hoe ass dudes. They fun and shit but you can’t keep em. Plus, I think I wanna have some babies one day and these non-committal, “It’s all about me” kinda guys aren’t gonna cut it.

*This writing style feels more like my sisters than something I could make my own, but-I like it.

George Bush Gets Attacked

I don't know how late I am with this clip, but if George Bush doesn't like black people- coloreds clearly don't care too much for him either. It's going on 7 in the morning, I've been up since 10:45am, I don't think I'll be sleeping, I have a presentation for finals at 11:30, and work directly after.

This helped ease the load.
Just skip to 8 seconds if you're that impatient.

Thanks Earl,

p.s. Realize, dude who threw the shoe had killer aim. If Bushy wouldn't have ducked, that would've been dead in his face.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, I was looking at someone's blog, and they have me in their blog roll. Underneath my blog title, it said that the last post I did was a week ago. Ugh! I never want to be one of "those bloggers". Not to mention, Lauren tells me that she checks my blog daily and is very disappointed when it's the same post from days ago. So, sorry mama.

Anywho, I performed at the Alpha Ball last week. For those not attending Temple Univ., the ball was thrown by the greek fraternity (Alpha's). They had asked me to perform something regarding the Egyptian life, kemet, and things of that nature. Being that (sadly) I didn't know much about the Egytian life-this performance had me in a jam. Nonetheless, two days before show time- I was inspired, did some research, and this was the result.

Random fact to explain a part of the poem, their organization was founded in 1906.
Ok, enjoy!

I Still Got It
(I Hope),

p.s. Much love to Judibeth- the lovely lady dancing behind me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There's something bout' this girl.

So, I have this new found crush on Katy Perry.
Besides the fact that she's kind of stunning,
and "I Kissed a Girl" was classic.

She's also gangsta:Have you heard the first lines to her latest song?

"You change your mind-
like a girl changes clothes.
And you PMS like a bitch-
I would know."

Hot n' Cold,

Kids Say the Darndest Things, pt. 2

Stumbled upon some more Trigon commercials.

These Kids Have Charisma,

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Blog

So... mi hermana started a blog.
I find it a tad hilarious.

Check it out:
The blog title is actually an inside joke of ours.

You'll Enjoy It. Promise,