Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Philalive is Back!

This is a public service announcement brought to you by Domo (the CEO) and the good fellas of The Konnoisseur Group:

But we have something new...

As an effort to reward those who have attended or will attend PhilaLIVE regularly, we have created the PhilaLIVE Affiliate Program. This program allows those who spread the word about PhilaLIVE and get people to come to attend PhilaLIVE at a discounted rate. It works like this: If you sign up as an affiliate, you recieve a $1 off of your admission for every person you bring to the show who is not an affiliate! (Limit 7 per show) Therefore, since our cover charge is $7, if you bring 7 people to the show, you get in for free! It's that simple.

To sign up, please send the following information to konevents@yahoo.com:
Year in School/Profession-
Email Address-
Phone Number (optional)-
*By including your phone number,you agree to recieve text message reminders about PhilaLIVE.

Remember, we kick off our Fall season on September 4, 2008 at Pattersons Palace (1621 Cecil B Moore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19121) AT 8pm.
See you there!

Here's a visual:

Welcome to PhilaLIVE from The Konnoisseur Group on Vimeo.

Mic Check- 1-2,

Somethings Gonna Have To Give

TAKING IT BACK (for those who "skim music", instead of listening to it)

The great debaters debate about whose the greatest MC's
Subject matter don't matter because the words is empty
No food for thought, nothing for the brain to digest
So I guess it's all about who can jive talk the best
But I give them light, and like the traffic-I direct
Inspiring them like they was actors on my set
As if I was a pilot, take em' higher than a jet
I'd be a liar if I wasn't sick and tired of this mess...
Step on the stars while you're reaching for the sun
But never burn a bridge-each one, teach one
If you lend a helping hand, you may never need one

-Big Boi

Single mother in a struggle, and it's no fun
But you don't really understand until you are one...
And we don't even wanna talk about the mans plight
Out on parole with a promise that he'll do right
But a felon has no chance for a new start...
And the only hope I have to help me deal with the drama
Is that maybe in November, I'll be cheering for Obama...
Across the world they live in fear
But it's the same thing over here
If you'll can hear me up on Capitol Hill
Something's gonna have to give
-Mary J. Blige

Tell me this shit isn't classic. Yes, cursing was necessary. It's just that serious.


p.s. I can't rightfully mention a song without (at least) spotlighting T.I.'s remix to Swagger Like Us with Kanye and Wayne (Hov was already on the original). A reader asked me why it's been in my Facebook status since Monday, but I haven't shared it with the blog. How rude? Sowwy.

Here's a lil' thug passion to completely contradict the song above. Well... not really. Short critique? Hottest verse goes to T.I. (yes, even with Hov on the track), Hov is second place though (stop saying "Hov is back", be correct-"Hovi's home!"), Kanye had a hot line ("Trying to get that Kobe number, one over Jordan") and the song could've gone without Wayne :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Missing You

In honor of today marking the 7th year since the death of Aaliyah:

It's Been Too Long,

Friday, August 22, 2008

Had to Laugh Out of Frustration

I don't even know what I was planning to write about anymore. Grandma's have that effect. Here I am - frustrated beyond reason- and on the phone with my grammy.

She says, "Oh yeah, you're one of a kind! My coworkers were looking at some site online telling you how many people in the world share your name, and as told by the sight- you're the only 'B Harg.' I knew you were one of a kind!"

How can you not smile at that? Nonetheless, we're off the phone now and I'm reminded that I'm still frustrated. My father has been dancing around the little bit of tuition he has to pay as if it's not my education we're talking about, I still haven't packed my stuff up for school, I'm always tired, the sky is falling... yadda yadda yadda. I really don't feel like complaining. Weird, much? I just needed to write... breathe a little bit... let off some random steam the best way I know how.

I'm done. Oh yeah, looking at the number of post I have in August made me realize that I really let you guys down. Sorry loves. However, "this blog is a documentation of my exploration towards affecting the world with my words, accompanied by the daily hang ups that occur on this journery" [as written in the blog's main picture- top and center] so this is the result of those hang ups. Deal with it, but don't leave me. I have detachment issues, k?

A mess, I know. Last but not least- I've got a new song to suit my fancy... I heard it playing behind some scene in some show or movie (clearly, I don't remember). So folks-here you have it:

Smiling Anyhow,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Funky Fresh, Dressed to Impress

It's only fitting [yet pure coincidence] that Hov's song was already up when posting this... So, last night I got to sneak-a-peek at my boy Isaiah's clothing line for this fall. (Hey, you get those liberties when you're the publicist)

Black Cloud is DEFINITELY rising above.

I'm lyin just a tad because I saw the "mock-ups" for this fall a few weeks back, but I'm talking about the photo shoot he just did modeling the actual clothes. I waited to post so this would be as current as possible when I tell you that- the look book, which will actually allow you to peep the pictures, will be up as of tomorrow.

The highly anticipated mixtape- Street to Stud?

Patience people! That will be here Aug. 29th. Clothing won't be available for purchase until Sept. 15th, so you might want to start saving up to get a few items now.

Til' then, wait for tomorrow to feast your eyes on this.


Of Course the Link Won't Work til' Tomorrow :)

p.s. Over 3,000 views in 2 months (that's when I put up the counter- for the slower ones)?! And here I was thinking ya'll forgot about me... appreciate the love.

Friday, August 15, 2008

You Can't be Serious

Being the Jigga head that I am, I take for granted or just automatically assume that everyone's up on his newbies. I was with my best friend (a fellow Jiggahead) in the club last night and his new song came on. Needless to say (at least it should be), we went dumb crazy when we heard the beat come in... everyone in the club was just dumb or crazy. They didn't know what they were listening to. Get it together people. Allow me to bless you:

I See You,

P.S. I finished another book in the midst of posting I Say a Prayer for Me under "Just Finished"... hence the reason you don't see it at all. I'll update you on it in a tad- headed to the movies with my niecey and sister.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Moment of Silence

"Liquor to the curb for my people up above.
When it crash through the pavement, that's my way of showing love.
So give Bernie a hug, and tell Isaac I said hi-
til' the next time I see em', on the other side."
-Jigga (italicized words were changed)

Bernie Mac
October 5, 1957- August 9, 2008

Isaac Hayes
August 20, 1942 -- August 10, 2008

A man was on the radio today saying how death
comes in 3's and he was scared to sleep last night.
I'd hate to think,

Bout Damn Time :)

I've FINALLY finished reading I Say a Prayer For Me... the nerve of me to mention a book that makes Biblical references under a title including a curse word.

I finished it today at work. Did I tell you that I'm working? I think so. No need for details. What's most important is that I'm in a back office with a middle aged black woman. We talk to each other a lot, and my grandma says that I cause people to open up quickly or feel like they can confide in me. This may be true, or her situation may have just been weighing on her heart- whatever the case, she was telling me about some things going on in her personal life.

Remember how I mentioned that each chapter of the book was speaking to me whenever I cracked it open? I had been a bit hesitant lately because nothing I read was sticking or really hitting home. However, as soon as my co-worker finished telling me her story, I knew that I was supposed to share some of the passages I read from the book with her. So, I marked the chapters that I felt were appropriate and gave it to her when we were taking our lunch break.

When she came back, she said she felt so relieved and a lot lighter... as if the stress had been lifted off her shoulders. I didn't know the words to say (to provide comfort) when she was explaining her situation, but God did. I don't know. I didn't even intend to blog about this, but hey- I've blogged about worse things... so ya'll can deal.

Let's Just Call it a Miracle on South Blvd.
(the street I work on lol),

Friday, August 8, 2008

Something I Forgot...

Remember the SOULfire post? Well, I have the actual performance of Mirror- compliments of Ms. SOULfire herself. I thought the visual would do it MUCH more justice. Relax and take notes.. at least that's what I'm doing :)

(one of my oh so often mentioned baby mamas)-

Thursday, August 7, 2008

-Insert Mouth Drop/Scream Here-

My Misses is Vicious
-Much Like this Video,

Mommy, Wow!

... I'm a big kid now.

Seriously though, (this is an update post) my grandma got me a job in the Toyota dealership until school starts back up. Being there reminded me that I'm still a wee bit green behind the ears... Yes, I was clicking around in my black Madden heels and corporate attire, but I definitely jumped down the stairs and slid down the side rails on the steps. Don't ask me why this was so refreshing. I don't know how people who do clerical work all day stay focused. I was filing invoices by increasing numeric order, and my head almost fell into my lap.

Lastly, I performed two poems last night at Wine Up. Shana (*shouties) recorded one of the poems, and you will be seeing it soon. It's the most recent thing I've written, and it's titled Labor Pains. Whatcha think about that? I also performed the piece I wrote in dedication to my mom. Lovo took some pics (of me crying on stage -for the 2nd time, might I add- like a wimp), so if I ever see them and am actually alright with them- you'll see them too. I'm sure you'll see them either way.

Might Wanna Rap-But She'll Make You Sing,

p.s. A certain someone cut their tresses, it looks fly as shhhh... and you guys don't know who I'm talking about. "If I was you I'd hate me too" :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First line of business: you need this song in your life right now. It's been the sound track to my days lately. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Now that we have that out of the way, I'm sure (well I'm assuming and I could be wrong) that you're wondering how the title of this post relates to what I'm about to spill... well, it's the pen name of the writer whose quotes I'm about to drop on you. I put one of her quotes on The Kon Era Blog because it's so... I can't even think up a word to describe it, but I'm going to leave you with a few to this tune of Sara Bareilles- and leave the rest to God. Ready? The title to the piece from which the quote was pulled will come first.

I'm staying out of the sun to avoid a darker tan
And I'm trying to stay as far away from the dark side as I can
Wishing for a complexion like the palm of my hand
Eyes like the sky
Look up at God and ask Him why
Why am I cursed with this deep mahogany skin
And hair that's hard to tame cause it's not like the Olsen twins

You hear it?
It's in my voice...
Oozing out of my core-
The sound of you never holding me down anymore.

R.I.P. (this line's actually from someone else in this group piece)
Living in a world of coulda beens,
Unfulfilled missions that were heaven sent...
Gods gift to earth was never received before birth,
already resting in peace.

::drumroll please::
-of course, I saved the best for last-

We're just running away from intimacy because we know there's danger in small circles
That's why poets are more afraid to spit at small cafes than 1000 seat auditoriums
And why some couples don't keep mutual friends because everyones already been someone else's lover
And her friends keep telling her just live, have fun
If you die tomorrow at least you know your nights were always young,
but with something as permanent as death looming like oxygen-
passin' you up because God had your back again
how could you sit back and act like you know exactly where you'll go when you're dying

Who Needs Angels Anyway?
I Do.

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's the 1st of the Month

Feels like I haven't made any contact with those on planet Earth (you guys) in like a week... granted, it's only been since Tuesday. I've found myself wishing I was in a Philly state of mind lately and pretty much indifferent or all out apathetic to things taking place around me.

When I say Philly state of mind I really just mean back in Philadelphia... I swear that city is calling me. I'm even looking forward to my classes this coming semester. Not to mention, I'm missing a person or 2 (*shouties to the BFF). Akwardly enough, I'm not anticipating my return for the same reasons I thought I would be when I left. In layman's terms, I feel like a friendship is waning. I feel the need to splurge for a bit since I know they won't be reading this. Well, they might-but I doubt it. It's like somewhere in the summer, we got lost.

You know that friend you have who you want to update on every breathing moment of your life? As Musiq says, "I can't remember how many emails I sent you just to tell you about my day." That described our friendship to a tee, except our emails were text messages. But now I don't feel the need to update you like I used to, I find myself holding back on the personals when you're usually the first person I'm telling them to, and I'm always aggravated by the end of our conversations. It never fails that I'm hanging up the phone flicking my wrist in the manner you wave someone off. Why is that?

I can't pinpoint it, but this disturbs me. I have a few ideas as to what went wrong, but I don't even know where to begin, and I'm wondering if you were only intended to be a seasonal person in my life. It's like, I can't see our "reuniting" being all we made it out to be when we're where we are at right now. I don't want things to be better because we're back together if they weren't alright when we were apart. Does that make sense?

On another note, I performed at Wine Up this Tuesday. I did one of my newer poems (Imagine Me) and it went really well. This was the first time that I actually felt like I performed a piece. Now that I think about it, that's actually horrible considering how many times I've been on a stage holding a mic in the last year, but the keyword is performed... like- I put feeling, emotion, and body movement into it. The crowds feedback was wonderful, and one of the poets who I think is crazy on the mic said she was proud of me. Not to mention, her coach actually quoted a line back to me from my poem and dapped me up for it. Yeah, I was gas'd... so what.

I guess this about does it, besides the two topics mentioned above and another personal that I'm not at the liberty of sharing- I've been feeling kind of blah about everything else. However, I will say that the BFF has been hella consistent on the check-ups lately and I've needed it. Thanks.

Taking it One Day at a Time-Forever,