Friday, May 22, 2009


While attending various poetry spots, I put quotes that I hear in my phone when they stand out to me. I've been compiling versus for way too long now, so I'm dropping them off here. With you. Is that alright? If the lines italicized I may not have written it down verbatim, but you get the point:

So I keep a pen and a page. As long as I'm an arms length away from a Bic and can think of something relevant to say. (Quill)

-There's not a flaw on your body that doesn't burn to the heat of your beauty.
-I don't care if your pussy comes out with a queef cause what's the point of beauty if it aint got a little beast... and baby, those aren't stretch marks. They're tiger stripes :)
-Leave everything else behind. I like my women imperfect, proud and real defined. (Christian Drake)

I had a dream the other night. I was standing on a stage. Butterflies were in my stomach, but I'm not afraid. (Q)

-I know you don't believe me. I know you doubt my skin, but I am a fallen angel. And one day I'll fly again.
-Heaven knows my name, but hell has my number.
-Even the lovely die in ugly ways. (Filmore)

-Maybe's, if only's, and perhaps are the quickest way to refurbish a halo with regrets.
-I'm deathly afraid of waking up with the devil alone in my bed so I dream.
-My soul left home a haiku and wants to return an Olympic poem.
-Growing up doesn't mean that we have to necessarily grow old.
-I raise my daughters the same way I raise my rifle, to be drop dead gorgeous.
-One day I'm gonna wake up and pick a fight with death and won't got damn win. Today aint that day.
-A poet has way too many passions in his veins and in his verse.
-I've got cupids arrow stuck in my Adam's apple. Heaven knows it's hard to swallow love.
-I don't have a problem with my addiction for love. My only problem is that I hang around drunkies with commitment issues.
-I'm just a reflection of my ink world.
-We are editors trying to smooth out the rought parts of our lives. This is our third time at trying to publish our passion.
(C.P. Maze/ Maze Forever)

Drown sorrow by overdosing on prayers. (Bluz)

-The last time you threw caution to the wind, it spit that shit back in your face.
-It's harder to say I'm yours than I'm sorry. (Tavis)

Do unto others without trying to prove unto others what I can do undercovers. (?)

-Me saying I can't spit is like OJ saying the glove don't fit. I'm obviously lying.
-This house be brick cause I had to withstand a lot of blows.
-If God don't have us in His plans, forgive me for calling this feeling heavenly.
-Thank God for your broken pieces cause you can't learn to build without parts. (Ms. Wise)

I pray until it hurts, then I get off my knees and do work. (?)

If you don't bother to scratch beneath the surface then your opinions of me are worthelss. (?)

-It's only common sense that if you take away her confidence she'll think that dropping it hot for soldiers is an accomplishment.
-You might think you know me, but if you've never seen me with her then you've never seen me alive. (Taalam Acey)

... long before these underachievers ever came up with excuses. (?)

I would say this is the ending so I could hear an applause, but I aint dont thinking yet, this is merely a pause. (?)

I'm the mac of Macintosh. Ya'll just Microsoft. (?)

This is all God's plans. I'm just following guidelines. (?)

Sex without love is our bodies greatest blashpemy. (?)

You'll all die. It's merely death. My passing will be extinction. (?)

Those who don't want to see me get by will swallow their teeth before I swallow my pride. (?)

The blacker the burden, the sweeter the truth. (?)

Don't be as honest as God, I can't take it. (Blk Swan)

I cried the first time I was heartbroke. I stopped winning the first time I lost. I didn't get up the first time I fell. I guess now I'm going down hill. (N.O.R.T.H. Coalition)

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  1. this was a great post && i loved each && every line

    "Those who don't want to see me get by will swallow their teeth before I swallow my pride"

    "Thank God for your broken pieces cause you can't learn to build without parts" (Ms. Wise)

    ^^^those were my fav

  2. "those aren't stretch marks...they're tiger stripes."

    If that didn't make me smile, have mercy.

    And everything by Maze.
    Wow, this whole list was amazing.
    I wish I could be surrounded by these kind of things all the time, everyday.

    You're so fortunate. Thanks for sharing.