Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Niggas & Figures

Being as this blog is inspired by my writing, it only makes sense that I put my pieces up here as well. This isn't one of my greatest, but I like it... get with me.

Niggas and Figures

I guess you find it necessary for your every sentence to contain a curse word
As if cursing or being loud is the equivalent of being heard
But in all honesty it just makes those around you wish they could tune you out
I'm walking what I'm talking, but are you about what you shout?
It's as if
I'm whispering the truth while you're hollering the lies
And since you're all they can hear, it's me they're starting to despise
Looks that speak louder than words, asking why I can't keep "my kind" tamed
I'm not contributing to the noise, but I'm receiving all the blame
..because our skin tones are the same
So they group us like numbers and figures
I'm minding my civilized business, but
you got them calling all of us niggas
..and though it shouldn't
Your actions reflect on all of "your kind"
So the next time you open your mouth, I hope you will keep that in mind
I'm not saying you should assimilate.. imitation is not the way

But you speak with so much authority; I just want you to mean what you say

Every black mans story was not built on guts and glory
Famous inventors spent nights up toiling while other people spent theirs snoring
To each his own, I do believe, but please
stray from the black man the media potrays
Drug dealing, cursing, and stealing is not how all have spent their days
Some got dealt a bad hand, and instead of folding-they did what they could
But you don't have the same cards before you; As a matter of fact, your hands looking good
They went through the struggle for you, and we should keep their memories alive
Learn from their experience and grow, but don't back pedal and live their lives
In all actuality,
we've got it easy- the most spoiled generation yet
The basis of our education is technology, and education they had to fight for us to get
So take advantage of what's before you; don't give them a reason to call you a nigga
And should they still categorize you- Oh well..
Cause now you're the one with all the figures

2 fingers and blessings,

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  1. Praise be to B.

    I was definitely diggin' this. And I can tell ya, I've read it a number of times, lovin' it even more. (Makes me mad that I haven't seen more of your work, but that's outside the thesis here!) But the revitalization of our culture is a must. We, as people of color, are regressing, and it's a slap in the face to the ones who have undergone so much pain and torment so that we could now have the strength to fight that torment.

    It's a damn shame.
    But people like you are taking that leap to reestablish who the hell we are.

    -Chucked Deuce,