Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Bout' Those Cowboys?

For the record, I didn't care about the Super Bowl. I mean, I had a handsome man on my couch who was watching it, and I care about him... but that's about the end of it. So, I fell asleep during the game. He just came in the room telling me that the Cardinals lost, and I wish I had got my lazy butt up ahead of time to tell you that I knew they would. Why? Because before the game even started, one of the players for the Cardinals was crying. Foreshadowing, much?

Yup. I knew it. Secondly, where did the Cardinals come from? I've been informed that they're the underdog, but I REALLY and TRULY never heard of them. I only know of Cardinals when it comes to baseball. I just found out there were Arizona Cardinals. I'm also just hearing that Steelers have had a pretty impressive SuperBowl record within the last 5 years. News to me, because I was like what do the Steelers have to do with any of this? How'd they get involved? I guess they're kind of a big deal.

The sad thing is, of all the sports I enjoy watching, football is at the top of the list. I'm a product of my environment. Nonetheless, me and the SuperBowl weren't hitting on anything. Yup.

And I'm Out,

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