Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Inspired Her to Write

So, the lady featured on the left is in my poetry collective (BABEL!), and she's participating in the 30day poem challenge-which consist of writing a poem a day, for 30 days. God bless her heart. I don't know if I could do it. Whatever the case, we were outside of our building yesterday just shooting the breeze while I was climbing all over stuff like a hethan, and I inspired her to write her latest poem. Isn't that nice? It feels good.

Weird to think my random impulses lead to poems. FYI, there are times when I get these urges. They can be as simple as stepping on someones foot to biting them or rubbing their eyelashes. Either way, I usually follow through with them. If I feel like it's going to invade a person's space in a major way (if a person is involved in the urge), than I ask first. If they so no, I tend to try and do it anyway. What can I say?

Anywho, this would explain why I was climbing on top of things outside yesterday. Just wanted to mention that. Here's her poem:

We are mid conversation outside of our dorm
She finished sharing an unfinished poem and begins explaining how she wants to end it but is unsure
in between her words, She begins to climb the narrow not so sturdy railing
I ask her
“Brandi” what are you doing?
She replies as if confused by me asking why she, mid sentence is on top of the black iron fence, balancing herself like tight rope
“I’m following my instinct”
And continues to explain the anticipated ending to her poem

How many 19 year olds still do this?
Say fuck it to the laws of gravity and sensibility and follow their impulse
We use to go up to the pretty girl in class and ask them to be our best friends cause our gut told us so
now, we barely makes eyes with strangers
where could our instinct have run off to?
I don’t remember dropping it anywhere
I guess i never got the note when it ran away from my stomach at midnight
Got intimidated by my mind
And thought it was no longer needed
Amongst this new found maturity
I guess I’ll have to ask you Brandi
How you
have managed
to hold on
Thanks Hannah Banana-
Let's Hope I Don't Lose It When I Turn 20,



  1. you won't...I'm 20 and I still follow thru with some of my urges lol...especially squeezing peeps to death and picking them up when I hug them...even grown men lol

  2. You still use crayons.

    That diminishes any uncertainty.

    I heart you.