Friday, January 8, 2010

More Conversations W/ Mon, Sitcome Series #3.2434,533

MONIKA: haha i had a dream u were in it
sooo i never have dreams!
we were CIA aagents at a ball all dressed up (the same haha)
ME: lmAO
whose we?
MONIKA: and we were hiding from terrorists but we failed bc we couldnt shutup/ our hair would fit anywere because it was always too big
so they found us
me and you haha
then i woke up
soo uhh just thought id share
ME: lmao are you kidding me? hilarity
MONIKA: no the night before that
i had a dream that kelly [readers note: kelly is black] had an asian kid but neglected it
so i had to take care of it
i thnk its finals delerium
ME: lmao definitely is it
granted, youre usually delirious anyway
MONIKA: i cant believe i wasted a dream on kelly
ME: lmao a wasted dream? exactly.
MONIKA: haha
where v u been
its like i needed to have dream bc i never see you
so its kinda ur fault...
ME: lmao way to blame my greatness for your illusions
MONIKA: hahahaha
ME: ive been hiding. really ive been in my rm, up at ridiculous hours thinking about work-not doing-oversleeping-and than repeating the process. today that changes though.
i feel like i just gave a really inspirational speech lol and all the people are clapping while i stand on the podium and my voice vibrates from the speakers
MONIKA: today? u mean tonight
ME: right now. u meant what i knew!
ur delerious too
iv been a hermit in my room too
i turned on my christmas lights bc it statted feeling like jail

[this picture was taken at work with my Egyptian princess Monika LOL clearly we were bored, but hey- when in Rome, you do what Romans do]

Meant to Post This A Month Ago,


  1. lmao @ monica saying she wasted a dream on kelly haha smh thats so bad