Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nerve of Me.

"Yeah. I took a hiatus. I ain't gonna lie." Word to

I could give you some excuse, but my only one is life. I've been living it man. In whatever capacity. Either way, hey ya'll!

There is much to be updated on. The fro is completely gone. I went to VA Beach to see my nephew again. Still haven't uploaded pics from South Dakota. This silly girl tried me-I entertained her-hind sight told me I should've left it be. I got stranded in Delaware during a pseudo-tsunami with an insufficient windshield wiper.


Did I mention in any time as of late that I got accepted into the Semester at Sea program? I'll officially be on a boat :correction: ship, next semester. Granted, that fact alone may have me more stressed than finals. I need a passport. A visa. Money. Money. And more of the last two items. You don't know the half. If you want to donate, let me know. I'll set a Paypal account up for the cause. It's a real one. Trust me.

Moreso, I've been working on some new pieces. Nothing has completed itself, but they're still existent. I went to Charlotte for the weekend. Spent about a day in Atlanta as well. Might be going to visit someone this weekend, but it's a surprise and if there's any chance they read this I don't want to ruin it.

Uh.. what else? (flipping through planner to see what events have passed besides menstrual cycles, sorry folks-I'm not prego LOL) Oh, yeah-I put in my official two weeks resignation at the place I live/work at. So over that job. Not to mention my favorite boss' last day in the office was today. I told her, in spite of my two weeks notice, if today is her last day-it's mine as well. Moving out in two weeks, still waiting on the word from my fam in Philly as to whether or not I can stay with them this summer.

Summer plans: taking a summer journalism course mandatory to go abroad and still graduate on time upon my return. HOPEFULLY (*pray for me) interning with a law firm in the city... still waiting on word from them, so my financial aid is all messed up.

Ok, I got an appointment booked out of nowhere, but I owe ya'll this update (and then some) so I'll end/post this abruptly. I should've mentioned that I was at work.


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