Thursday, May 27, 2010

PS About the Books

I also made a point to update the "Currently Reading" portion of this blog. I really haven't been submerged into a book for sometime now. I had tried to read Native Son, but didn't get past the first page. I started reading the story of Elaine Brown. She was the leader of The Black Panther Party... as if I need another reason to be militant. The book is definitely interesting.

I plan on doing some unpacking today than spending some time soaking in the tub and reading more. I left the "Just Finished" book from ages ago, because I don't think I've honestly read another book for leisure purposes in its entirety since that one. What a shame.

All is well though. The summer's back. That portion of this blog will be changing with a lot more frequency. Native Son will probably be next, actually. I've heard great things about it. I just can't drop Elaine Brown mid-story though. K, I'm done for real this time.

Again, don't forget to remind me about Bowing Out Gracefully. Matter fact, remind me about that and Build or Destroy. They go hand and hand kind of.

Alright. Alright.



  1. i'll see you in an hour.

  2. If this hadn't become our inside joke, I'd be worried you were some blog stalker. I'm comforted knowing otherwise... hopefully. LOL

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