Friday, October 5, 2007

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Taylor Mahli, a poet featured on Def Poetry, wrote a poem about how people have started this trend where it's cool to be ignorant and uneducated. I never declared this poem as a favorite. It was cool, but I wasn't overly impressed-just entertained.

Nonetheless, I'm in college now and I've noticed people STILL take pride in not knowing anything. As if they came to college for a change of scenery and a new schedule. Maybe it's just me, and everyone else is on full scholarship, but tuition is too expensive to be skipping class for popularity. I am my worse critic, and I do everything short of beating my own ass when I oversleep. Missing class intentionally isn't even an option. Long story short, shout out to all the people who are actually our there doing something with themselves and making use of the education they're receiving. Furthermore, shout out to all the artists who make it known that there's more than the music biz and entertainment industry.

"Success is tangible, don't wait for fame."

"If you're a girl with the aspirations of being in the background with ya asses shaking
Hitting clubs and skipping out on the class you're taking
I ask you to have some patience, you're worth so much more... "

Lupe Fiasco-
"You been shedding too much light Lupe
You're making them wanna do right Lupe
They're gettin self esteem Lupe
These girls are tryin to be queens Lupe
They're tryin to graduate from school Lupe
They're startin to think that smart is cool Lupe
They're trying to get up out the hood Lupe
I'll tell you what you should do.. Dumb it down. "

Of course there are numerous other examples I could have used, these were just ringing in my head. The Lupe line is so true. The song basically targets people who tell him to change his message, no one wants to here about progression, and you're actually getting into the minds of people, making them want more. I applaud him, along with anyone else, whose making people desire something beyond what they have and letting them know it's can be obtained. The people who spread knowledge, whether it be something you learned through experience or read in a book are what makes the world go round. To those who walk around with the preference of stupidity, let me be the first to remind you- ignorance is bliss BUT knowledge is power.

2 fingers and blessings,


  1. "2nd Letter"October 17, 2007 at 9:26 PM

    Yes maam. It's the truth.
    The truth does set one free.
    But people choose to remain constrained. And that my friend, is the slavery of the 21st century.


    That's the price of conforming to today's norm. Sell your passions and ambitions and intellectual dispositions for a chance to be idiotic for free.

    It's no secret. People want things cheap.

    [Good Read]

    -Chucked Deuce-
    Be with One E

  2. Well said! Bravo...just what we need, another advocate for wisdom, power, and respect. I love your writing're truly gifted. Keep it up girl, I feel everything you're said in this blog, mostly because I see somewhat through the same lens that you see through so I can fully relate.
    We've allowed ourselves to settle long enough, it's time for a revival, a new awakening of passion and knowledge. Preach on girl!

    B. Davis