Friday, November 2, 2007

Missing in Action


Needless to say, I have been somewhat.. ok, that's an understatement.. I have been EXTREMELY absent from this blog for (pretty much) the entire month of October. So, here I am, back in business, to explain my absence.

Long story short, it has been one hell of a month.

I went to DC with some friends of mine on campus to Howards homecoming. The following week, I went back home (North Carolina) to be with my best friends at A&T's homecoming. I also met my favorite Def Poet, Black Ice, that weekend. This week I've been catching up on school work because clearly, I didn't spend the weekends studying. Not to mention, I will be going to New York tomorrow to "spit a lil' something somethin" at NuYoricans Open Mic Night.

This, in no way, excuses my absence. I just acknowledge it and send out my apologies for it. I plan to blog (damn near) daily this month, I do realize that this is necessary. People in my future line of work (journalist) can't choose to not write for their publications because they're busy. It's just not acceptable. On the up and up though, here are a few random pictures from my weekend back home.

Me and My Besties back in NC.. the pistols to my holster
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That good ol' country cooking I've missed.. a cheeseburger & hashbrowns
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Me.. sipping on sweet tea.. something like a southern delicacy.. Philly doesn't know what they're missing
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W/ My Favorite Def Poet, Black Ice (also the author behind the lyrics I posted comparing boys to young men)
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Another country meal.. cheese grits and sausage on toast
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They say some people eat to live, and some people live to eat. I took so many pictures of "southern meals", that it's ridiculous. So, clearly, I'm one of those people who live to eat. On another note, as I said before, I'm back in business. Be on the lookout for some frequent blogging.

2fingers and blessings,

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