Monday, July 27, 2009

Onto the Next

So, I finally finished reading Bebe Moore Campbell's Your Blues Aint Like Mine. That thing was real. Never before has a book stirred up so much emotion in that I had to stop reading it because it was affecting my mood on a daily basis. Either way, I just want to share a few lines I read in the book and liked.
"Life will give you what you deserve, even when people don't. You don't believe that, you just keep on living."

"The streets is killing more black boys than white folks ever could. We always had more than one enemy."

... there's another page that said something about "if you think you've been licked, then they already won", but cleary I didn't mark the page, and I can't find it.
The next book I'm reading is Basketball Jones by E. Lynn Harris. He's an author I spent a lot of time reading my freshman year, because someone had a lot of his books. Easy access is a sure way for me to read up on anything. If it's readily available and appears interesting, I'm with it. I actually got this book from my roommate who just finished reading it. Crazy thing is, he (E. Lynn Harris) died last week, and my first tattoo is a quote I took from one of his novels.

I guess, in a way, he's with me forever then. It says "She and Survival were long time friends". At this time (look below), the tattoo was still fresh.
Just Thinking & Reading,

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