Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thought for the Day 7/29

"Life is too short to speak quietly at beaches."

This weekend while on the beach, this was something a friend said. Naturally... or not so naturally, there were all these different regulations on the beach. My southerness came through for real because I was so shocked we had to pay to get on the beach. Not to mention, the beach even "closed" at a certain time due to the amount of people.

I was mind blown. You have to pay for and are able to close a beach? What? Do people not know it's a public domain? Craziness. Either way, we were being way live on the beach and realized we should probably be a tad more quiet. Still, Ms. Lyrispect wasn't having it, and that is what she said. So, I opted to write it on a cup. It'd be cool if I made all my "Thought for the Day's" visual, huh?


p.s. I opened a savings account yesterday. I'm hype about it. And?

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