Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So, my phone is no bueno.

FML, as well as the Palm-Pre.
Granted, the phone being physically jacked is my fault. And by jacked, I mean I've dropped this phone four times in the past week and there are all types of cracks going across the screen which keeps me from using the phone to its fullest ability, since it is.. afterall.. a touch screen.

Mind you, I've had a touch screen phone since forever. Ever cracked one? No. Get a new phone, the newest phone my service provides (at that), and crack this thing in no time. Crack it repeatedly, like it's my job.


So, I'm trying to get all the quotes out my phone (that I write down when hearing them at different venues) whatever way I can before my phone goes completely bye-bye. What I see, is what ya'll will get. So far, this is what I can pull out my Memos:

[these quotes were from a show presented by Excelano Project, U. Penn's poetry collective]
"I wear my ancestor's skeletons as armour." (Alysia)

"Even wounded knees can still bend." (Alysia and Josh)

"I fall in love much more often than I intend to... I'm a child with more growth spurt than backbone... I'm more poet than person sometimes." (Garrett)

"Coloring between the lines was only intended to hinder our creativity." (Justin R.)

"My doctor tells me the only difference between Aderol and crystal meth is a prescription from him... If ADD is a crutch, than my mind is Tiny Tim." (Justin C.)

"We don't make love. Make makes it sound like you add salt to that shit and serve it with peas. We create love. Take fuckin' and make it love... her bodies like going to sleep blind and waking up to a sunrise... Fuck love. Cause you can say love I love you, but you can't do what we do." (David Warner)

"I'm a blood throwing up my hood rollin' deep ready to kill a nigga. I'm the Klu Klux Klan throwing up my hood, rollin' deep ready to kill a nigga." (Josh B., sidenote: when referring to the KKK, it's hood as in the piece of cloth)

That's It For Now,

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