Friday, October 9, 2009

So, this blog and I had a birthday.

Who knew?
As of Sept. 19th, Blog baby is a fresh 2 years old- ow!
I, on the other hand... well, let's just say that I'm older.

If you know. Then you know.
If you don't, God don't make no mistakes.

My weekend went as follows:

On the day before the most special day, the plan was simple: show love to my Florida folks who came up here for Steph's, another October birthday girl, celebration.

Take an actual "October birthday's" and company photo. Hint: Stephany is the one in blue, and the boys sitting on either side of her have her birthday or mine. Hmph.

Yeah, we were deep. With that being said, Libras: throw one hand in the air if it's like that!

Finally, the time on the clock reveals that it is indeed my birthday. Meaning? I can open the gift from my grandma that's been in my living room all week with signs all over it that read, "Do not open until 10/4!"

Everyone was like "Just open it." Psshhhh, when Grammy talks-I listen. Enough said. Besides, it was a food processor (something I asked for since I've been thinking I'm a real chef lately) and a recipe book (apparently my grandma is also believing the hype because she wrote down all my favorite recipes by hand in put them in a book). Great family heir loom, much? Indeed.

It was the roomie's idea for me to take a picture in the first place. So, naturally she has to get in on the action. Precious, aint she?

House party the night bringing in my birthday. Bottle in tow that fits into my clutch, just the way I like it.

For that matter, chilled bottles-sign 1 of a good weekend.

Say hello to one of my favorite Temple'tons, Mr. Little.
You've seen him before.

Receive a personalized-crown having cake, from the man shown above, that I don't remember getting. Granted, those are definitely my shoes in the picture- so I'm sure I took this with my phone.

Memory loss: sign 2 of a good weekend.

Bomb dress and heels, signs 3 and 4 of a good weekend.

This was the actual night of my birthday. The details on the night before this one were fuzzy so don't ask for any. Just know I got a cake. I got another cake this night, but I didn't take a picture of it. My roomie's friends made it. They had came here the weekend before to celebrate their birthday, and I made the birthday boy pepper steak.

In return, he came here with a vanilla cake covered with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Much appreciated.

I've never had someone bake me a cake before. This birthday-I got two (technically three) someone's to bake me a cake. And they were all boys. Score! Can you imagine guys sitting down like, "Alright, time to make B's cake." I can't.

Pictures with anonymous men from the club, sign 5 of a good weekend :)

Pictures taken on a bike that doesn't belong to you, or anyone you know during a "club break"... I would say smoke break, but I don't indulge-either way, sign 6 of a good weekend.

Pictures pecking your roommates friend, another incident you don't remember- 7th solid sign of a good weekend. Isn't that, like, the number of completion? LOL

And That it Was,

p.s. Did I mention that I left the club with $40 more than I came with on the night of my birthday and 6 drinks purchased by anyone but me? No? Well, add that onto my signs of weekend greatness.

Then top that off with the fact that my grandparents left me money in my account which permitted me to buy groceries and stock up my fridge so it would look like this:Man, am I on. Wipe me down.

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