Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm an Aunty (x3)

Born to my brother, his name is Braylon Anthony Edwards.
I adore him.
The second nephew in the last 3 months.
Call me Butter, baby- cause I am on a roll.

Well, my siblings are on a roll.

This little man was born on Wednesday, March 17th, and I spent the weekend in Virginia Beach just loving his face and smelling his baby feet.

It's the only time any human odor is precious.


To be an Aunt is to be a Good Thing,

PS Speaking of which, I still need to post info/pics of the time I spent in SD with my niece and sister. That's a bit more in depth though.


  1. that baby is tooo cute... the same name as the football player???

  2. Cass still try to get me to play the stinky feet game with her big toddler feet!

  3. Too funny @
    It's the only time any human odor is precious.

    Congrats. Yes. You are on a roll, as an aunt.