Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Not Going Back

Who knows why the title of this post is what it is.

Beyond the fact that I was looking at the title of the last 3 things I didn't post ("More Nerve Than Sense", "I Didn't Lie to You. Honest.", "Women's History Month") and became nostalgic. Why? Because I didn't put much in them beyond the title, so I don't know what I was going to write about... somehow, that though lead to a song by Nas.

Guess what Queen I'm going to see today?

Why would I do that?
Not hardly.
That's got potential.

Ok. Give up. My sister.

Yuuuuup! (said like Trey Songz) I don't know what to do with myself... besides pack, of course. Indeed, I have not packed a thing. However, I don't get off til' 1. My suitcase is in my friends basement. It matters not that I was with her last night and at her house for a couple hours. Nor is it important that my plane leaves at 2:40. You know what? You're right. I'm way illy for this entire operation.

Nonetheless, it will go as planned and without a glitch. I have spoken it into life. And so it is. (Damn, I sound like my grandmother)

I missed ya'll man. You know that friend you don't see or speak with often, but when you see them you realize how affected you've been by their absence? Yeah. That's what typing this post feels like.

I think I could legit make a post about how it feels to return, but I'll spare you. As for now, know that I'm going to see my sissy. I'm way excited. My niece doesn't know I'm coming. That makes the "surprise" even better.

Did I mention that South Dakota is my destination? Hehehe, I'm sure that changes some people's perspective. For a minute ya'll were like: "Spring break. With the sister. Woohoooo... South Dakota? (disappointed face)" [end scene]

I won't front. I felt the same way in part. Not to mention, the weather just started clearing up here in Philly (definitely slept in the park for 2hrs earlier this week).

... and it's got the nerve to be snowing in South Dakota. That would ruin most spring breaks for some people. But hey, who else will be able to say they saw Mt. Rushmore this week? Granted, who else can say they wanted to?

I'm playing. I [legitimately] can't stand when my sister's family get's stationed somewhere I haven't visited (they're a military family, hence the randomness of South Dakota), her referencing being in that place, and me not knowing what it looks like. If she says, "Girl, I'm in in bed" [because "girl" would come first LOL], I'd like to have a clear image of what her bedroom looks like. That may sound creepy, but it's howww I feeeeell. (said like this--> meaning the way Santana says it in the song posted below)

IDK why I'm doing so many song references today. It just feels right. Anywho, I'm going to run to my friends and pick up my suitcase. Mind you, I'm at work now. Love my boss man. It's 11:48. I'll be seeing one of my favorite ladies in less than 12 hours. Yes, I leave at 2:40, but I don't arrive in SD until 10.

And yes, I've been writing this post while at work for 2 hours. Hmph.

It Be Like That,

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