Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Might Die: Thought for the Day 4/9

"I was angry with you until it occurred to me that you might die."

William Ball

A month ago, when I was first going to post this thought, I had this long elaborte post that accompanied it. It wasn't completed though, and I have since decided not to complete it. Why? IDK, just don't have the sentiments sitting as heavy on my heart as they were when I first wrote this.

But can I kick it? Of course I can.
That's always my precursor to a blunt statement.

I thought of Chris when reading this. He knows who he is. Dependent on if you are an active force in my life, you may know him as well. I'm not sure why it reminded me of him, because I didn't think I was mad at him anymore.

Either way, he came to mind. And I say this to say that I hope you are doing well sir. And being good to yourself. Praying for continued growth.

Simple and Plain,

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  1. Again can I say that I love your blog and style of writing! Reading it is helping to give me ideas on how I can expand my own scope of writing on my blog..... xo fr NY