Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just Maybe.. Might've A Little Bit

Got missing.

Na, really- I feel like I haven't left ya'll anything to think about in days. As if I actually stimulate you guys. I took the blog count down. Did you notice? Truthfully, I was trying to put this other one up, it wasn't showing how I wanted it to, and I'm too lazy to put a different one. In conclusion, I've ditched blog counts all together. We were on a roll though, weren't we?

Anywho. Since we last spoke, I have yet to inform you on very big moves that I'm making.


Last Friday I was the feature poet for Art Institutes open mic (AI of Philadelphia) The show went very well if I may say so myself. I performed 4 pieces, the crowd rocked with me for a little bit, and I proceeded to make a smooth exit before the entire show crashed and burned. Na, really though. I did so well that someone from the show asked me to host some talent show (or something of the sort, I'm not sure I understand just yet) that they're having in December.

Granted, I've never hosted a show before, and I don't want their show to be my guinea pig. I also will never have experience until I actually do it, so- why not? Iono, just a thought.

I have more to say, but I also have class.

Til' Later,

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