Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Newest Poem: Easy

Though I've never had another man love me like this
Clearly, I'm just as ungrateful as the brother I was raised around
Cause I can't appreciate anything that was gained without a struggle
And here you are- just oozing with affection
Making love seem easy

I've been used for the fulfillment of physical desires
But you come wanting a different type of intimacy
And I never knew a love that didn't have me down on both knees
Either praising their manhood or praying to God for inner-peace
Then there's you
Asking me to stand
So you can worship the ground I walk on
You sing my praises too easily

Silly me and what I'm used to
Being mistreated has become my muse
Therefore, the consistency in you is unsettling
Four years later and no cause to doubt your dedication
I'm done waiting for the strength in your foundation to break
I'm just finding it hard to appreciate
Because you made things too easy

Maybe if you had tripped me up along the way
Left me out to dry when I draped myself in lies
Let me hurt for just a little
Maybe then I could love you like you want me to
Never been the one feeling like I had something to prove
Damn you and your nobility
You make being loyal seem easy

And I know in the song that reminds you of me
They say devotedness will always prevail
But I should be the first to warn you
Listening to love songs never got me anywhere
And an everlasting commitment doesn't always prove itself faithful
Disappointment comes too easy

Though you've never let me down
I'm too quick to fly away
I thought you would have given in by now
Turned your back by now
You should just go now
Loving me doesn't come easy

A Mess,


  1. Oh how I know.

    Reminds me of a line in a poem of mine: "Though too good, you were true. Shame on me for thinking cliches don't apply to you."

    Our lives are so chaotic sometimes, it's nearly terrifying when everything is going right...or when we find that knight. And we ignore gentle signs even when it's in our best interest to follow them.

    This hit the spot like hot coco on an Appalachian below 20 degrees night.

    -Chucked Deuce-

  2. and this is just a random aside, but I oddly noticed that you posted this at 9pm on the dot. impossible hahaha

  3. I had to come back for round 3 to tell you that your poetry is so real. I truly appreciate it. You know I had to come back for the second stanza alone.

    Your openness rubs off, hun.
    My poetry has been taking on great turns as well. And I must attribute some of them to your willingness to share such great, personal work.


  4. Now with all that said... lol. You get 2 snaps for the kids!