Friday, December 4, 2009

Sitcom Series # 1,4343,5365,7464

For starters: I'm fully aware that the commas aren't in the correct places for the title of this post. And, so? Such is sitcom. I already said how these "sitcom situations" would go.

Moving forward... I was not going to post this but I need someone else to read what I read and tell me what they think about it. I sincerely was just gonna tweet part of this convo and see how people replied, but I need more replies then what my Tweet followers would have provided. 140 characters isn't always enough. Trust me. I'd know.

This convo which makes my life more sitcom'ish (look back to this post if you're confused) took place a few nights ago with a guy I've had only two conversations with: one-on the train in a polite manner, for no more than 5min. and two-in my building downstairs for borderline an hour.

He was interesting, for lack of better words. But sometimes too much is just that, too much. And this was a facebook chat. God has a sense of humor though. I'm posting this now, watch this man end up my husband or something. Ay yi yi. Just peep:

Him: whats going on Brandi
Me: hey stranger/how are yu
Him: I'm fine in ATL/working hard on this music career/I'm under Milan Management Group/working with the stars/hows life??/I always wanted to take you out I just never got my chance/maybe one day soon/it will be special
Me: life is life. im here. so im purpose driven. hows atl?
Him: lovely.../I would like to see you soon whenever you'd like to go out we can make it official... you could come down here also/have fun and learn some things from me [why is everyone trying to teach me something, he must have spoken with CI]
Me: coming to atlanta would be a nice breather/how many people do u jus invite to your city all willy nilly lol
Him: not any/this is business I'm doing out here the only reason I even mentioned it to you was because I am very of you... I admire your beauty and intellect also its not many who have charm like yours/you have allot going on in your life... I noticed... the thing is you have'nt noticed me but you will and then you will realize how important I truly am.... I just hope the best life has to offer for you... smile because you are: beauty pure in everyway, your touch is like leaves blowing in the wind, your eyes are as the stars in the sky, body as the earth filled with life
Me: did you just try and bag me? lol
Him: theres no need for failed attempts I just typed what came from the heart as I remembered are converesations
Me: which were peace. you were a trip
Him: I'd rather take you on a trip... mentally allowing you the choice to to voyage or stayed trapped in a world where the good girl is'nt treated like gold/smile be happy when we get the time to do this because it allows me to at least grasp your attention once more/your a fly girl its just you've been caught up in foolishness and lost your way... I just want to be something different to you in this life
Me: who said i was in a place where the good girl isnt treated like gold? and whose the good girl? lol/moreso, what makes you think ive lost my way?
Him: you have'nt lost sense for who you are its just very difficult in todays society for a good girl like yourself to find someone who truly values who you are.../your very bright... because your so smart I assume you sometimes outsmart yourself/but thats my opinion/I just need to find out more/I was begining to like your book but then you closed the page on me
Him: anyway I like the new hair :):) very nice...
Me: im an open book in complicated language sweetie, you might have jus stopped reading and books are inanimate-i cant force you to do much/thanks
Him: I never felt forced it was more like I rented it for a moment took some notes then had to turn it back in I'd rather get to read more then purchase... your a novel worth a happy ending/I am a great student... getting to know someone takes patience and understanding... thats why I compared what happened with us to a book/I'm determined... we will talk [he signs off]
Ok, so... some of you are probably like "B, why are you going off by posting this?" But, wasn't it just extra? Even my big hair turned locks having friend whose made my "Thought for the Day" a few times (and now has a blog: yes, shameless plug-go look at it) asked me if the dude writing me was a poet. The answer: he's not.

And truthfully, it's cool if people do things like that to try and impress me. It makes me feel honored, worthy, etc. But it's like, I'm off the stage right now. Talk to me like a regular human being. If you didn't know I was a poet, would you address me like that? IDK. This makes me think of a quote by Rienne boo:

"The only time we're off stage is when we're on the stage."

I'm Just Saying,


  1. Part of me thinks his half of the convo was a little intrusive...meaning he assumed enough about your personality that he felt brave enough to produce commentary on it and THEN insert his ambitions in the void he THOUGHT existed with you, but he never quite asked if it was there.

    But another part of me wonders if he could just be that type of person. Because you don't have to be a poet to talk like that man. You could easily just be super forward, super observant, and a big talker. Some people like those traits. Although, I was expecting him to get the picture, as you were replying in very short sentences, mostly laughing at him, and maybe he should turn it down a notch because it's not producing the desired effect, I DO RESPECT his decision to not break under the pressure. Mr. Consistent?

    lol@another one trying to teach you.

  2. i've talked to this guy. far too many times. this guy is always this guy and always talks like this. whether he's a poet or not. and he always makes assumptions, and he's always wrong. and he never gets the subtle cues. in fact, he never gets the blatant ones either. and he's always tryna school you on some ish. and he always thinks that if you don't want him, you're not ready. or not smart enough. or lost. or having low self esteem. i hate this guy, lol.

  3. Honey... You already know I feel like you feel. All that book talk... a mess. Now my head hurts.