Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Life is a Sitcom

Sitcom Series, #1,333,254,3565,3435..

I know the comma's are misplaced but who cares? I think (from now on) whenever I live through a moment that's just random and funny, it will be posted as such with some random number in tow.

This is just a comedic moment with Monika that I vowed to share on my blog. She's my coworker turned friend turned secret lover turned Egyptian thug, and then some. In short, she's one of the people I met this year and have yet to determine how I ever made it a day without.

Ok, mushiness: we off that. Here's an excerpt of the convo:

Monika: I changed my major to Neuroscience today.
Me: From Biology?
Monika: Yup (proud face)
Me: Why?
Monika: Cause I have a 95 in Neuroscience and a 40 in Cell Structure.
Me: But Monika, those are just classes.
Monika: So.
...and for the most part, our conversations always seem to take on this light (or lack thereof). But I'm ok with that. Laughter is always certain. I went into her room starving and hum drum at 12 in the AM. I walked out fed and temporarily over my "midnight no reason for feeling that way" depression. Did I mention there's a Nintendo 64 and basic Nintendo in her room, compliments of her suitemate? Yeah. We played Diddy Kong. Granted, I lost. She felt better about herself. That's all that matters.

Everything's Right With the World Sometimes,

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