Friday, December 4, 2009

The Mr.'s: Video Chronicles, Take 1

I'm just getting this up, but it was recorded last night. Hence: the time reference.

The post I mentioned were:
1. So, my phone is no bueno.
2. Son, I think I'm in ♥ With You

If you haven't read them already, catch up why dontcha?

Moreso, here's the little cannon I have yet to formally bring about on this blog. Meet Andisha, aka D, aka Ms. Do The Most, aka "The little one's a cannon":

And, I just have to post thess pics from this week/passing weekend for your viewing pleasure... but more so, because they make my ♥ smile. I hope you don't mind. "Is that alright"? (said like Jill Scott):

The Harvest

The House

Rhythm we need a picture together. I put a link on her name. It's her blog. You should go peep that.

There it is,


  1. LMAO Mr. C.I. Turned out to be Mr. "I see you, I promise, I'ma creep through your window and teach you something."

    Lawd that had me rolling. I'm absolutely thrilled that you added this quality to your blogs. Your Mr's Vids should be hilarious. Promising.

    Thanks for being so vibrant. It's so uplifting and inspiring.

  2. this was fun. AND you posted pics from THE HOUSE. that i took. AND you linked to my blog. you're the dopest. and yes, we do need a picture together. with all our hair that makes us "us." before we cut it and become...not us? oooh, maybe you can loc and i can get a dope ass afro. then we can be each other. you're welcome for all this rambling.

    OH, and i recall when we first met, i introduced myself by my gubment. and you said "nice to meet you, i've heard so much about you." and i thought, "hardly anybody calls me by that name. she must be thinking of somebody else." but i let it go. thought i'd share now. you're welcome again.

  3. This was really interesting B. you should do more videos :D. I almost feel like i'm kinda getting to know you, although i've never met you before. I'm not even from the US. But I come on your blog every now and then.. I love your poems. I love your style of writing. You inspire me in so many ways B.