Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanx for the Laugh

I love my sister. I couldn't say that enough.

I'll give you just one reason: Even through text, I can hear her saying things exactly how she'll say them in person, and even if she's dead serious-I find it hilarious. Todays' conversation went as follows (excuse the hood/country grammar or lack thereof lol) Oh yeah, my inner thoughts will be expressed within brackets, in italicized font:

Big Sis:
Hey chica what you been up to!?
Me: Bout to walk into work, I miss you man!
Big Sis: I forgot you be working now. I miss you too!
Big Sis: Girl why I had to report this lady I worked with to human resources. She is out of control! Last week she said "good night monkeys" to me and this other black girl. [uh oh, big mistake]
Big Sis: I checked her on it, but then yesterday I overheard her telling somebody that she was a redneck. Unacceptable! [has anyone seen the 'Unforgiveable' videos on YouTube? The word 'unacceptable' made this pop in my head immediately, who knows?]
Big Sis: Girl Obama is about to be president, I don't have time for this shit.
Me: Good night monkeys? Wtf? That's crazy lmao @ your Obama comment- you’re a mess.. what'd you say to her?
Big Sis: Yeah girl monkeys. Of course she tried to say it in a joking way but everybody know you don't call a black person a monkey [by this point, I'm dying laughing cause that's so true and I can just see my sister ranting]. I called her a monkey back, but she knew what time it was by the way I said it.
Big Sis: So then the starts explaining herself “Well if I didn’t call you a name that means I don’t like you. I call my son pet names all the time.” I said “Well I’m not your child or your pet.
Me: I know that’s right lmao are you on break?

Big Sis: That was just strike one. Strike two was the red neck comment and then she was talking about how her son calls African Americans “brown people”, but he doesn’t know any better although he’s 10 years old, girl strike 3!
Big Sis: Right is right and wrong is wrong. Obama don’t play that so neither do I! lol

Enough Said,

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