Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Should Claim It

I had a conversation last weekend with a few ladies regarding this theory:

"The best way to get over one man is to get under another one."

That wasn't the exact line for the topic, but the discussion centered around going from one relationship to another- without breaks in between- and before giving yourself a chance to heal from the damage done in your prior relationship.

Of course this lead to a poem idea (which is in the works now, but has yet to be completed-so you won't be able to read it just yet). In short, whether it be a female or male in the "drivers seat"- you should not move on to one person and offer the possibility of love or dim your chances for love if you have not put the proper amount of time between that relationship and your last one.

heard that before though. What's most important is that you should have reclaimed your heart. Basically, if you're going from one person to another- four people later- your hearts all thrown around and broken up. Broken in the sense that you've lent it to various people over an extended (or maybe not extended) period of time and never took the time to get past whatever situation you had with them and be able to call your heart your own again- so now various people have ownership over different pieces of your feelings.

Those people shouldn't have the power to affect you the way they used to emotionally, and if they do- your heart is not your own. With that being said (and if you feel that this applies to you... and I'll be honest-it's very much applicable to me), maybe you should take the time to reclaim your heart.

No One Can Love You Like You,

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  1. going through a break up right now, not sure of what i should be feeling, somehow stumbled across this page and just wanted to give great thanks for this piece...