Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Know You Went To Temple If

Click the picture (it's a link to the list):

These were clearly written by an "old head",
because some references were completely lost on me.
BUT some of these gave me the giggles.

(i.e. Temple squirrels are HELLA gangsta,
crackheads aren't a rare commodity-unfortunately,
J&H definitely uses laxatives,
staying in North Philly does shake a lot of your usual fears, etc.)

for the Cherry and the White,

p.s. I'm starting over with the blog count. I know, I know-I was just about to reach 5,000 (imagine if I had started counting from the first day I made this thing). Anywho, this way I have a more in depth view of whose reading and how often. Yes, that actually matters to me.

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