Friday, April 17, 2009

How My Night Went...

If you look past me rushing to the event from class, because I have a night class on another Temple Campus (Center City from 530 to 830) and the event started at 7, and the people in the set I was in went on at 845.. I was pressing it. Got there hella close to 845, if not 845 exactly. Lucky for me, they had taken a 10min. break.

Whatever the case, I was pleased with my performance overall (even if my voice gave out at the end and ruined my last line), the people performing had wonderful energy, everyone from BABEL that performed killed it, and I was glad to finally meet Ms. Mayda del Valle (who was hella cool)... I so glad, in fact, that I actually let her sign the book I write my poems in. Here's a video of my performance and a couple other pics from the night:

I Just Might Die Happy,

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  1. thats cool...looks like u had lots of fun.
    btw u did great up there on that stage