Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Deserve

Whatever You Tolerate.

Sounds simple, right? I read it on *someone's* Facebook status (yes, someone- in the event that you read this... consider the astrics your special shoutout and my silent apology for tagging you last). Whatever the case, after reading it-I felt like I was hit over the head with a ton of bricks.

Like, why didn't I think of that? It's so easy to let someone walk all over you in the name of love, but what about self-respect? When does that fall into play? In a way, I guess I'm looking at "you deserve whatever you tolerate" and thinking "you're worth whatever you tolerate", but it's only because putting up with someone says that you consider it worth your time or you worth its' time. Am I talking in circles?

Really though. It definitely has me questioning the way I handle things or allow things to happen knowing that I, as a woman, set the tone in a relationship. It's amazing how easily females (myself included) screw ourselves over but can so easily judge another female when she's tolerating something that's below her, yet when you put us in the same situation- we seldom manage to do any better.

Understanding the statement in full is easier than enacting it. On a lighter note, I'm working on a poem. Well, I'm working on a bunch of poems actually, but as it relates to this post-all I have right now is:

You deserve whatever you tolerate
So if you turn the other cheek
When you know that he cheats
I guess that's what you deserve
And if you know that he's creeping
But still lay up with him on weekends
I'm sorry you feel that's what you're worth

That's All I Got so Far,


  1. Can we just read it when it's done please... playing with my emotions. Geesh!

  2. Dang B...funny how you're post ironically compliments my post and my own current epiphany....check it out...and leave the love. P.S. I've been biting alot of ya style with the comment box and music player...too lazy to look for things on my own lol. hope ya don't mind, from one genius to another ;-)

  3. Hey I really love your work! I was wondering if you finished the poem above..

  4. Doing blog/email maintenance. No, I never completed this but things of similar weight/caliber have come to the surface as of late and are psted on my newer blog (