Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talent Recognize Talent

So, once again, Earl is the cause of me stumbling upon something. Before saying much, just look at the picture. And yes, he is talented in every instrument you see in his surroundings.

Behold: Colin Munroe. Impressive, much? Whatever the case, I'm on. Want a sample? I'm sure you're familiar with Kanye's-Flashing Lights. Here's the remixed edition. It's an oldie, but I should have explored a bit further after hearing this:

Here's his mixtape from December if your interest is even a lil' bit peaked. Just click the picture, duh:

Thanks (again) Earl,


  1. Colin Munore is the he's a great artist with alot of talent.

  2. ps...i loved his version of flashin lights...i did a blog on him in back in Nov.