Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Movie, and You're a Star.

Warning: Don't look for much relevance in my titles anymore. They're probably a lyric of some sort dependent on how I'm feeling or what I'm listening to.

Now that that's out the way...

"Put my heart and soul into this yall. I hope you feel me where I am, to wherever you are."

I've said that to say that I went to The Ecstatic Tour 2 weeks ago. I had never seen Mos Def or Talib Kweli perform, but I heard great things about it. What's that you ask? Where was I seated? Well...It was pretty much like that. Right underneath his crotch, yeah, that would be where I was located. For beginners it was standing room only. Secondly, I got a photo pass from since I was doing a concert review for them. However, as luck would have it-my camera was broke. Still, as God was have it-a friend of mine was taking pics for another publication and had his professional camera.

(*insert shameless shout out and plug to Rashid Zakat)

--which was even better than what I had in the first place. Definitely need to put that on my Christmas list... well, my Christmas "item". I'm too old for a list, but I'm definitely trying to own a real camera. If things are going to pick up (like I project they will), that is a must have.

Back to Mos:
So, my pass got me (and a friend) in free, gave me access to all the taped off areas, and allowed me to stand in the section between the barricade for the audience and the actual stage. Real nice. Now, this was all a first for me. So, in my head I always thought at moments like this I'd be freaking out and acting like I've never been anywhere.

On the contrary, I just felt like I belonged. I was even texting my dad during the concert, like, "Yeah, I'm supposed to be here." I could definitely see myself doing entertainment journalism. One of my high school teachers used to compare me to Dream Hampton (hip-hop journalist and first female owner of The Source). I can definitely see that happening now.

Don't get it twisted, law school is still in the future, but I could definitely see myself writing reviews, conducting interviews and such. Speaking of which, the official opening act was Jay Electronica. I ended up interviewing him on a whim just because we were in close quarters. He was hella cool, showed me videos on his phone of his 8mo. old daughter Mars (whose name I wasn't sure how I felt about, but I've decided now that I like).

So, Mos Def was going off during the majority of his performance. Wailing, church cries... the whole nine. Kept people waiting and then appeared out of thin air playing the drums went the lights went low. I can't front like I wasn't hype to see him.

The real shocker?

Though I wasn't all that excited about seeing Talib Kweli perform, he had my full attention the whole time.That man is all energy on stage and his song selection was everything. Mind you, I'm not familiar with his work like that, but I was all in it. Didn't take not-a-one note while he was performing. Meanwhile, I wrote every other tid bit down when Mos was on stage. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying. The man definitely has stage presence. Very much ill.

Anywho, read the actual review. Click HERE. Plz?

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