Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA Recap: Had to Do It

I mean, it's been a while since I've been around these parts. Don't trip, they're still home. Nonetheless, I just HAVE TO talk about the VMA's. I won't front like I've watched them every year and I have this great comparison regarding the previous award shows. However, this year was definitely something worth talking about.

And I know, it's not the best way to welcome myself back to this beautiful blog of mine. But as I said, I just gotta. Not to mention, if you aren't around me on the regular-I have no way of knowing if you felt where I was coming from regarding all this coonery and debauchery that was taking place.

So, let's go:

FIRST & MOTHERF'N FOREMOST- Janet went off. All the way off. If you don't agree with me on this fact, I don't even want your opinion. There is no other option but the one which coincides with mine. I already stated that Scream was one of my favorite Michael songs, if not my all time favorite. The chemistry they showed was amazing. So, for Janet to come out, bang her part out like her brother wasn't missing, and perform his dance like only she could... I was just in awe. My roommate was crying.

That moment just did something for me. That's how you start off a show. Let that be the reason I ended up watching the entire awards in the first place. Janet got so much props from me. If you didn't see the show from the beginning... allow me. The first half is just dancers doing the choreography from his videos, for Janet- forward to 3:39.

Moving right along to Kanye the Coon... I was so disappointed in the way he treated Taylor Swift. I mean, who wasn't? I can't say I was surprised. He always acts an ass. And the fact that he was sippin' on something went dually noted, but damn Kanye-can she win her first award and give her humble speech? She was surely shocked and brinking on the edge of tears. I was so disturbed. There's nothing more to say about it. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Kanye's blog-its gotten enough coverage. Boo.

Luckily, Beyonce saved the whole race with her piece of speech and then inviting Taylor back onto the stage. Cause Kanye surely set us back. Speaking of B, I loved the lil' segway where she gave all this attitude and said, "Where my ring at?" I was like, thas' right B!

Alright, back to the coonery... Lady Gaga. Anti-Christ, much? Like. Who is she? I'm so confused. Was she supposed to be joking? Making a statement? God and the gays? In that order? All I have is questions. Does anyone have her direct email address or something? Like, why would you "fake bleed" on stage and make it even more dramatic by hanging yourself from your arm on stage? Why would you think that was okay? The red mask? What was that? And the porcupine head cover? God help us. On the up and up, the white boots she wore during her performance... flyness at its finest. I was feeling em'.

Now, onto Mr. P. Did Puffy. I'm a tad put off by him right now because he performed at Jay-Z's concert last Friday at Madison Square Garden wearing a grill. Why would you do that sir? If Lady Gaga's the Anti-Christ, he's the Anti-Christ of Hip Hop. Argh. Whatever the case, how did he get the right to give T.I.'s speech for him? Most people say, "So and so isn't here... we're accepting this award for the... goodnight." Puffy's goin' say (sorry folks, I just never got into calling him P. Diddy) "we know he wants to thank....". Really? How did you know who he wanted to thank? Did he write you, call you, tell you during a visit? And where was Tiny? Could she not have given the speech or went up and accepted the award?

Other lil' random tid bits that made me raise an eyebrow: Why was Flo Rida even nominated for best Hip Hop video? Since when did he represent Hip Hop? Does anyone REALLY know him? And why couldn't Eminem smile (even a little bit) when walking to the stage/accepting his award? Lastly, what was the point of Pink performing acrobatics during her performance? Don't get it twisted-I was impressed she was singing live, even when she did breathe in the mic a tad hard during some flips, and even when I was worried she was going to jump down on the stage at one moment.. I just didn't get the point of it.

And finally, what gave Lil' Mama the right to think she could get on the stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance? Like, what was she thinking? Did her altar ego rear it's head in the form of Kanye West? I will say that they tore the house down, and Alicia's shoes were hurting em... oh yeah, I also loved how hype Beyonce was during their performance... but the main focus, the heavy hitter, the thing that absolutely ruined the money shot was Lil' Mama getting in on that final pose. WHY!? I wish it would've been something more difficult she couldn't catch onto and just ended up looking crazy versus crossing her arms and posing there beside them.

Just... ughh. Everybody has lost their mind.

That's All Man.

God Bless America,

p.s. Kanye's on Jay Leno now. I might be back tonight... geesh.

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  1. The VMA's was entertainment at its finest. The award shows need there own award show and the VMA's would get best comedy lol.

    I thought Gaga's performance was genius. The concept behind it was deep. She def succeeded in catching the public's eye, that's what it's all about right?

    The rest of the show all you really could do was shake your head and laugh. It was definitely one of MTV's best