Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wasup love, how ya doing?

Whatchu think about me and you and..?
Uh na, but wait. Let's make a date.
Plans for dinner.
I'm down to take it slow cause I know that she's a winner.

...yeah, that's pretty much how I was feeling when I opened this post up. Hey ya'll!

So, I'm waiting for my class to start back up in 15min., and now seemed like a good as time as any to let the www (world wide web, slow pokes) know that I may have just aced my Social Statistics test. Gooooo meee!

If I didn't, woe is me.
However, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

College is so surreal nowadays. Since taking the LSAT's, I've had a major eye opener. Even with being on the executive board of the Black Law Student Association. It's like there's so much work I need to do academically to be considered a competitive applicant into a graduate school. I was dead ass sitting on the bed with my roommate yesterday doing school work. The scene felt like something out of a movie.

The sad thing is last night was my first real attempt at reading through assigned reading for class... which has to change. Why, you ask. Because in law school the reading load will be major, needs to be applied immediately, and there's no "I'll catch up later" nonsense. With that in mind, I need to get in gear. And fast.

Naturally, I felt like I was one of the smartest kids in my high school. But college... college... "na dawg, you gotta getcha weight up". I'm one of many and not nearly in the highest ranking. It's definitely a humbling experience though. Makes me even more hungry. Like, I just gotta get it (whether it be a degree, a good grade, honors, etc.)

I already told my Grammy, "I got us. I promise."

Ya'll Should be Afraid of What I'm Goin' do Next,

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