Monday, November 30, 2009

Thought for the Day 11/30

Story of My Life LOL,


  1. hey, beautiful. just letting you know i'm following you. looking forward to the reads.

  2. Tru story! Lol

    Quick bit of my experience commenting: I went to pick an identity (not in that i have multiple personalities way) to comment, couldnt put my blog info in bc i couldn't remember it.
    (sad face) Decided to put my AIM SN in, and had the audacity to spell my SN in correct English, not in 6th grade terminology. (Butterfly vs Butafli)


    All this to prove that

    1) I still love n read your blog regularly, though I'm not moved to comment and I'm sure several folk do too, so don't sweat that.

    2) Its Lauren McPherson... sheesh, way easier

    3) All of this nonsense only further proves Hemingway's genius. I should be asleep. lol


  3. rhythm!!
    lauren, youre just too much lol