Monday, March 30, 2009

An Ode to the One Who REALLY Makes it Rain [& a poem]

It's March. Today the sun was shining in Philly. The temperature, to be exact, was 73 degrees. I was meeting with Babel (my poetry collective) to work on a performance we have this coming Tuesday... cool. So we're all chilling, spitting, etc. and decide to open a window. It was at this time we noticed that the sun had went into hiding and the wind had picked up.

In short, we were tripping. So, me and Ari (*my main man!) start yelling out the window that God has returned, it's the last day, and war of the worlds has begun. Yeah, we were bugging. Whatever the case, we must have spoke too soon, because out of nowhere it starts hailing something serious. One second everyone was lounging around the middle of campus, the next second-everyone's running for cover.

Ari tells us to write about what we just experienced , because we were all standing there in amazement. I just stood there for a couple extra minutes, staring out the window... watching the hail turn to rain, then to a hint of sunshine smothered by storm clouds. It was extraordinary. Really. God is definitely in control... with all that being said, here's the poem that came from this experience. Half the people I tagged to it on Facebook were apart of the actual experience, but ya'll can read it again because I want ya'll to post your poems as well... said in my best Slick Rick voice- Heeeeerrereee we go:

I wonder who it was that pissed God off
Cause long ago
I learned to believe that the rain drops were His tears
But what's to be said when sunshine turns itself into a hailstorm
It is all too obvious that He's angry
And now people are running for cover
I bet He wishes they'd run themselves to the altar
But we all know they're running to the comfort of their living rooms

It's crazy how easily we all presume that God is the one in control
And I'm just hoping He doesn't think it's a fit day to flood
Cause if today was my last day
I know I haven't done enough
I'm not ready Lord
Push the clouds back
Bring on the sunshine

You don't have to exercise Your power
To make me marvel at Your abilities
I'm always amazed at the ease in which You forgive me
See, I'm on the inside looking out the window
Hoping that gust of wind that allowed water to momentarily wet my body
Wasn't supposed to serve as a warning

If so, God I'm listening
And I feel You
So please
Bring on the sunshine
Cause I have yet to build an arc fit for Your floods
Babel-Post Your Poems
They Were ALL Dope,