Thursday, August 21, 2008

Funky Fresh, Dressed to Impress

It's only fitting [yet pure coincidence] that Hov's song was already up when posting this... So, last night I got to sneak-a-peek at my boy Isaiah's clothing line for this fall. (Hey, you get those liberties when you're the publicist)

Black Cloud is DEFINITELY rising above.

I'm lyin just a tad because I saw the "mock-ups" for this fall a few weeks back, but I'm talking about the photo shoot he just did modeling the actual clothes. I waited to post so this would be as current as possible when I tell you that- the look book, which will actually allow you to peep the pictures, will be up as of tomorrow.

The highly anticipated mixtape- Street to Stud?

Patience people! That will be here Aug. 29th. Clothing won't be available for purchase until Sept. 15th, so you might want to start saving up to get a few items now.

Til' then, wait for tomorrow to feast your eyes on this.


Of Course the Link Won't Work til' Tomorrow :)

p.s. Over 3,000 views in 2 months (that's when I put up the counter- for the slower ones)?! And here I was thinking ya'll forgot about me... appreciate the love.

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