Monday, August 11, 2008

Bout Damn Time :)

I've FINALLY finished reading I Say a Prayer For Me... the nerve of me to mention a book that makes Biblical references under a title including a curse word.

I finished it today at work. Did I tell you that I'm working? I think so. No need for details. What's most important is that I'm in a back office with a middle aged black woman. We talk to each other a lot, and my grandma says that I cause people to open up quickly or feel like they can confide in me. This may be true, or her situation may have just been weighing on her heart- whatever the case, she was telling me about some things going on in her personal life.

Remember how I mentioned that each chapter of the book was speaking to me whenever I cracked it open? I had been a bit hesitant lately because nothing I read was sticking or really hitting home. However, as soon as my co-worker finished telling me her story, I knew that I was supposed to share some of the passages I read from the book with her. So, I marked the chapters that I felt were appropriate and gave it to her when we were taking our lunch break.

When she came back, she said she felt so relieved and a lot lighter... as if the stress had been lifted off her shoulders. I didn't know the words to say (to provide comfort) when she was explaining her situation, but God did. I don't know. I didn't even intend to blog about this, but hey- I've blogged about worse things... so ya'll can deal.

Let's Just Call it a Miracle on South Blvd.
(the street I work on lol),

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