Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Somethings Gonna Have To Give

TAKING IT BACK (for those who "skim music", instead of listening to it)

The great debaters debate about whose the greatest MC's
Subject matter don't matter because the words is empty
No food for thought, nothing for the brain to digest
So I guess it's all about who can jive talk the best
But I give them light, and like the traffic-I direct
Inspiring them like they was actors on my set
As if I was a pilot, take em' higher than a jet
I'd be a liar if I wasn't sick and tired of this mess...
Step on the stars while you're reaching for the sun
But never burn a bridge-each one, teach one
If you lend a helping hand, you may never need one

-Big Boi

Single mother in a struggle, and it's no fun
But you don't really understand until you are one...
And we don't even wanna talk about the mans plight
Out on parole with a promise that he'll do right
But a felon has no chance for a new start...
And the only hope I have to help me deal with the drama
Is that maybe in November, I'll be cheering for Obama...
Across the world they live in fear
But it's the same thing over here
If you'll can hear me up on Capitol Hill
Something's gonna have to give
-Mary J. Blige

Tell me this shit isn't classic. Yes, cursing was necessary. It's just that serious.


p.s. I can't rightfully mention a song without (at least) spotlighting T.I.'s remix to Swagger Like Us with Kanye and Wayne (Hov was already on the original). A reader asked me why it's been in my Facebook status since Monday, but I haven't shared it with the blog. How rude? Sowwy.

Here's a lil' thug passion to completely contradict the song above. Well... not really. Short critique? Hottest verse goes to T.I. (yes, even with Hov on the track), Hov is second place though (stop saying "Hov is back", be correct-"Hovi's home!"), Kanye had a hot line ("Trying to get that Kobe number, one over Jordan") and the song could've gone without Wayne :)

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