Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First line of business: you need this song in your life right now. It's been the sound track to my days lately. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Now that we have that out of the way, I'm sure (well I'm assuming and I could be wrong) that you're wondering how the title of this post relates to what I'm about to spill... well, it's the pen name of the writer whose quotes I'm about to drop on you. I put one of her quotes on The Kon Era Blog because it's so... I can't even think up a word to describe it, but I'm going to leave you with a few to this tune of Sara Bareilles- and leave the rest to God. Ready? The title to the piece from which the quote was pulled will come first.

I'm staying out of the sun to avoid a darker tan
And I'm trying to stay as far away from the dark side as I can
Wishing for a complexion like the palm of my hand
Eyes like the sky
Look up at God and ask Him why
Why am I cursed with this deep mahogany skin
And hair that's hard to tame cause it's not like the Olsen twins

You hear it?
It's in my voice...
Oozing out of my core-
The sound of you never holding me down anymore.

R.I.P. (this line's actually from someone else in this group piece)
Living in a world of coulda beens,
Unfulfilled missions that were heaven sent...
Gods gift to earth was never received before birth,
already resting in peace.

::drumroll please::
-of course, I saved the best for last-

We're just running away from intimacy because we know there's danger in small circles
That's why poets are more afraid to spit at small cafes than 1000 seat auditoriums
And why some couples don't keep mutual friends because everyones already been someone else's lover
And her friends keep telling her just live, have fun
If you die tomorrow at least you know your nights were always young,
but with something as permanent as death looming like oxygen-
passin' you up because God had your back again
how could you sit back and act like you know exactly where you'll go when you're dying

Who Needs Angels Anyway?
I Do.


  1. First off,
    the song=hot hot hot.
    I usually already know the songs you recommend, but I must admit I underestimated Miss Sara B. Not so much her voice, but her composition and the depth of her songs other than "Love Song". I applaud you for puttin' me on to this one, though. My goodness.

    Skipping 2&3 and moving 4ward,
    those quotes were fire. I swear I read your blogs at just the right time in my life, just the right moment in the day. Damn, I need more poetry in my life.

    "Now that we have that out of the way," it's time for some B poetry.
    Not me. You. :D

    *Chucked Deuce*

  2. Her whole album is serious B, my songs are this one, One Sweet Love, Vegas, and Bottle it Up.

    check em out, just do yourself a favor and buy the album!

  3. I feel honored man.
    Thanks for actually listening to what I had to say. You always do. Your good for it. I appreciate your faith in the blogmunnity. I feel sometimes I go unheard. For my school paper I have a poetry blog, I think I was largely unread. I became so disinterested I missed my deadlines. Maybe I won't this year. I'm going to try and write with more purpose.

    You inspire me. Your a step closer to being that woman you didn't know you could be.