Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4yr. Old Philosophy

The little misses you see on the right would be my baby sister. She's not quite a "baby", and she's definitely mature ::cough::GROWN::cough:: for a 4 yr. old, but I'm not tripping. Since coming home on break, she has told me that:

"She loves me more than everybody."

"She's happy I'm home, but she's still happy when I'm not home." (I knew what she meant, the wording made me laugh.)

And as we speak, she's sitting on my back in the computer chair unwrapping an icecream sandwhich she didn't get permission to eat.

Not to mention, over breakfast she shared her philosophy for forgiveness with me. In short, when TC (her male best friend since they were being rocked in cradles) makes her mad they don't talk to each other, but whenever they are about to leave each others sight (her example was to go play outside during class or getting picked up from daycare to go home)-they forgive each other.

Why can't forgiveness (with men) always be that simple?

Happy to be Home :)

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