Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fuck You Temple Towers

I have yet to go to sleep. It's 7 in the morning. And I am actually not complaining. However, the alarm in my dorm goes off. Now, I've been up since yesterday, so it's no problem with me. It's an inconvenience, but so what. I pick up my camera and start snapping pictures of my disheveled roommates trying to throw on clothes, in attempts to face the weather.

Cool, so we're outside. One of my roomies has a blanket. We're snuggly. I'm taking pictures. We've been outside for about 5minutes, and one of the RA's (resident assistants who control individual floors, for the unknowing) decides we aren't standing far enough from the building.

Strike one: If we weren't far enough, we all would have burnt to crisp five minutes ago. So, fuck you Mr. Ineffecient RA.

Than, another RA comes yelling and literally stands beside me and my roomates waiting for all of us to back up, but says nothing to the people beside us. This wasn't quite strike two, it's typical "white privilege". We're minorities (Black, Haitian, Asian, and Indian to be specific).

Then, they say we can all go in, but before they finish their statement everyone bum rushes the door. Who makes it to the door first? Me. What do they tell me? Turn back around, walk to the top of the line and wait. Why the fuck am I waiting in line to get back in my building? It's 7 in the morning, we're in college, it's the week of finals, there are hundreds of kids standing outside, and did I mention it's finals week at 7 in the morning?

Fuck you. That's a ridiculous request. And when I ask the head person why we all have to wait in line and what purpose that will serve (because logically, the way the people in front-the ones who will enter the building first are standing-has nothing to do with the way the back of the line wraps itself around the block). You know what he tells me? Because I said so.

Strike mothafuckin' two: Whatchu' mean because you said so? I am not five. You are not my parent. That is not a valid response. Come again.

THEN my roomie lost her blanket in all the madness. The guy who told me "because he said so"-sees it, drags it across the (wet, from rain) street, and throws it in the bushes near the trashcan.


Now. Seriously. Was that necessary? No. So, Mr. Bald White Man-it is people like you that abuse the privilege of the wee bit of power you are given. People like you need kids to boss around.

The result? He eventually let us in, those are minutes in our lives that no one can get back, and he didn't change anything but everyone's level of aggravation. And the sad thing is, I applied to be an RA next year. Mark my words. I will be the difference.

In closing-


And the funny part is, I was actually planning on writing a post called "Temple Tech Syndrome" in regards to people running around in the Tech during finals looking like they're raised from the dead, but it seemed so minuscule after this mornings events. I'll sum it up for you though: I wonder if finals has the same affect on other campuses as it does with the Temple community. Or is it just a "hoot hoot" thing? Ugh... this is my life.


  1. Wowwww,

    Woo...that bitch want it to be his last morning. I'm sure of it.

  2. Yeah... I can tell you on your way home because we already starting to sound/think alike lol!

  3. Yea I was outside...they were just too much. How this dumb RA skip all of the Caucasians and stand right in front of us...? Crenshaw (the nut that she is) said "excuse me Mr. If my enemies wanted to do a drive by on me right now you'd be the first to get hit".....he moved.