Monday, December 15, 2008

Moment of Clarity

Read this on The Good, The Bad, and the Semi-Literate:

I am making the same mistakes with the same people,
but rather than expecting different results
I have no expectations and
am enjoying the mistakes a WHOLE LOT MORE.

I can't say that it's quite the same people, but my mistakes seem to be repetitive.I'm not learning a thing. Curse me. Things will change though, I hope. But think about it, what if the changing in expectations shows growth in the same manner changing the circumstance would?

Whatever the case, I am insisting in a major way that ya'll check her blog out. The boldness/outrageous'ness of her blogs has me thinking of changing up my writing style. Moreso, the tone I take on. I'm really considering writing an open letter to my ex, in the same manner that she did- and going in, in the same manner that she did.

Damn anyone who knows me, or knows him. You can just stop reading... long as you recommend my blog to someone else (who doesn't know me personally, preferably-and would be more entertained than offended).


You know what? For now-I'll just live vicariously through her and post what she put on another one of her posts. Funny thing is, when I say ex-I'm usually referring to an arrangement of people that go all the way back to my junior year of high school. Nonetheless, if they did me wrong-they all embody one person or should I say animal? Damn dogs. If this irks your nerves in the slightest and you're one of my ex's- I probably was thinking of you when posting this. You and him, and the one before him (not including my Newyorican). Let me upgrade you:

I’ve stopped allowing my Ex to pretend that we are friends, as it served no purpose but to allow him to feel better about the situation . When I need him, he is never around. When I want him, he is never around. I got high friend standards and he ain’t meetin em. So why call it friendship when he only serves as a second tier acquaintance. I honestly don’t think he knows how to truly be someone’s friend.

I gotta stop trickin off wit these young and nubile hoe ass dudes. They fun and shit but you can’t keep em. Plus, I think I wanna have some babies one day and these non-committal, “It’s all about me” kinda guys aren’t gonna cut it.

*This writing style feels more like my sisters than something I could make my own, but-I like it.

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