Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, I was looking at someone's blog, and they have me in their blog roll. Underneath my blog title, it said that the last post I did was a week ago. Ugh! I never want to be one of "those bloggers". Not to mention, Lauren tells me that she checks my blog daily and is very disappointed when it's the same post from days ago. So, sorry mama.

Anywho, I performed at the Alpha Ball last week. For those not attending Temple Univ., the ball was thrown by the greek fraternity (Alpha's). They had asked me to perform something regarding the Egyptian life, kemet, and things of that nature. Being that (sadly) I didn't know much about the Egytian life-this performance had me in a jam. Nonetheless, two days before show time- I was inspired, did some research, and this was the result.

Random fact to explain a part of the poem, their organization was founded in 1906.
Ok, enjoy!

I Still Got It
(I Hope),

p.s. Much love to Judibeth- the lovely lady dancing behind me.


  1. 2 snaps for Judi back there blankin'! That was dope, especially considering you didn't know this from that. Bravo young sparrow :)

  2. Gracias 'Nita. lol. (jus so ya'll kno I ain't a blog stalker by any means I jus support my baby)

  3. girl you did a good job... you know u still got it, when didn't you have it...???? not neva! you inspire me, and doing a phenomenal job of inspiring others as well.... keep spreading the good u,~ash