Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Until I Went Comatose

I have reached the conclusion that "Temple Tech Syndrome (TTS)" is real. [Refer to post below]

In short, TTS is an illness describing the drastic decrease in your quality of life during finals on Temple's campus, and let me tell you- it isn't pretty. Nonetheless, you keep on pushing.

So, I'm bringing my narrow behind to the tech in preparation for my last exam tomorrow, and I run into someone from the class I was about to study for.

However, she saw me from a distance and didn't turn around to greet me. Instead, she just yelled my name in the opposite direction. I can't explain why it was weird, but it was just out of place. She just should have turned around.

Anywho, she proceeds to explain how she hasn't slept in two days, was on a roll studying for our Philosophy class, took some energy thing (I can't think of the name) to keep her up, and then topped it off with Adderall.

Now, her whole body feels like Jell-O and she's been stuck in her chair for the last 45 minutes incapable of moving her limbs, or anything else for that matter. Inconvenience much? I never even heard of Adderall until I came to college. Is it really that serious?

...all in the name of finals.

God's Got to Have A Great Sense of Humor,


  1. Good Luck on your finals. But Study Damn it! I gotta tell my daughter that.
    Come by when you get a minute.