Thursday, January 29, 2009

[[New Poem]] Just in Case

Remember the outfit I wore on the first day we met
As if it were a commandment
And I promise to see the God in you

I'm not searching for a saint,
But if you insist on putting a bop in your walk
Let it be from a pierced side
And not some pimp complex
Created for your altar ego

And no, I don't promise to stroke it
You don't need me to remind you you're a man
My presence is merely complimentary

I'm here to put the stiffness back in your stride
When I notice a slump in your shoulders
Kiss your forehead on the days it seems the world is against you
Rub your back when your burdens feel unbearable

And for every time you open my door...
I promise to reach over and unlock yours
Before you make it to the other side of the car
I know that's not quite a wedding vow,
But A Bronx Tale had an affect on me
So there's not a door that's gone unlocked in my presence

Make a pet name for me
Call me it even when we're arguing
And I promise to admit when I'm just being petty

Don't laugh when I put my first name next to your last
I'm just trying to see if there's a ring to it
Cause play terms like "wifey" never really appeased me

Know that I don't mind expectations as long as they're feasible
So, I expect nothing less than your everything
I promise to return it
You just have to prove you're worth it
And I'll give you reason to want no lovers after me

You're probably wondering who I am to request such things
But you shouldn't want anything less than a queen
So the real question is, "Who am I not to?"

If you raised the bar, I'd have no problem pole vaulting
I can respect a higher standard
You're just giving me something to live for

Know that I'd never ask you to die for me
Your absence serves me no purpose
And because of that
I miss you every moment you're gone

Granted, I'm a bit of a hard ass
So I wouldn't let you notice
But my random poking isn't intended to annoy
It's my way of saying come closer

So, take a hint
Hug me
As often as you like
Every time you get the chance to
And not a church hug
I want our pelvis' to touch

Still, I hope you can see the God in me
I may not be the best Bible you'll ever read
But I can guarantee you a testimony worth shouting for

And I know men aren't all that good with manuals
And you'd never admit that you didn't know
But this was just in case... you were wondering how to love me.



  1. I love this poem man.. u gon' make me cry.. its so genuine and true... the soul of a u and miss u!

  2. LOVED IT! Girl, u a writing fool =)

  3. church hugs are for the birds. lol. nice 'Nita