Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wine Up is My Therapy

The picture shown above comes from thare web page for the poetry spot I frequent (back in NC-yes, I'm still home) on Thursday nights. I absolutely LOVE this place. The poets are ill, they inspired/improved my writing over the summer like you wouldn't believe, the band is vicious (don't get me started on the man who plays the sax, have me thinking I could write all my pain away), and the atmosphere is so chill.

Anywho, on my last post- I shared some quotes with ya'll from the books I've been reading. It's only right that I share some of the poetry that I have been hearing with you all. When I arrive to this spot, the band is playing and I'll write til' poets get on the mic. Once they step up, I put up my journal, pull out my phone, and write down whatever they say that moves me-in the event that I might want to look back on it later- and because I know I'll just have to share it with yall.

Feast your eyes on this:

-"They say that home is where the heart is. I believe the heart should be where God is since that's the muscle that pumps the hardest." (S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D. @ her Music Myspace)

-"So call me an afrocentric feminist but don't you dare call me bitter cause I'm only a bitch when approached by bitch niggas... if my education makes you feel like less of a man than you're probably less of a man so I'll stay single with my AA batteries, but you bes' believe I'll keep every ounce of my dignity."
-"They say if you love something, let it go, and I say it'll come back to you more fucked up than when it left... they say never say never, I say accept when you can't fathom forever... they say the early bird gets the worm, I say the sharpest hawk gets the bird, so you decide your place on the foodchain."
-"I can't blame you for your past. I can only hold you for your inability to let go."
-"I'll forgive you, but you will never apologize."
-"Today I tried to unlove you but was unsuccesful in my plight." (Ocean @ her Music Myspace)

-"Hip hop please come home and I'll be waiting with the headphones on." (Twenty-One)

-"You smell like God has been here then left in a hurry and the fragrance of Him is still floating around you." (Bluz's Music Myspace, ya'll should definitely check him out-he coaches half the poets posted on this page)

-"Niggas think they can pimp hoes but can't pimp themselves into heaven... niggas will spend money on a fancy drink but can't swallow they own fucking pride." (Maze's Myspace, and this quote doesn't even do him justice cause he's one of my favorites, by far-if all else fails-go listen to his poem on Imeem that I used to have playing when you came to my page. The first quote under my "My Thought's Exactly" section also comes from him.)

-"Stop 2 stepping blind through life and create your own theme music." (Swan's Myspace, this quote also doesn't do her justice seeing that she's my favorite female poet at Wine Up-but some of her poems are posted in her Myspace blogs.) Here's a part of her poem We Need to Talk, but this isn't really how it ends-she just chopped it for this slam competition:

-"I do what I feel. I don't have to ask if it's right... believe in yourself cause God's timing is right... you're a star babydoll, try shining tonight."
-"Ya'll keep it moving. Resolutions got not time for resting." (Rhythm)

-"Sexual? Maybe. But sexuality is just a gift and a curse that God gave me, so don't be mad at me for mastering the technique." (Exotic Lust, this quote and her name says it all)

...alright, alright, alright. Enough is enough. I'm going to close with a quote by Lauryn Hill:

And even after all my logic and my theory-
I add a motherfucker so you ignorant niggas could hear me,


  1. I will definitely be dropping by this place tomorrow! This will definitely be a cure to the boredom and eventual depression seeping into my soul if I don't get out of the house for some type of escape...I'm ecstatic you made this post! By the way....what time does it start?

    much ♥

  2. i get there around 10. doors open around 9ish i think, but the band may or may not be there at that time.