Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pity my Sleepless Soul

..."the American dream doesn't come to those with insomnia."
-Jeremyah Payne

(As Usual) I Should be Sleeping,


  1. I managed to fall asleep with the laptop on my body (so sad). But yes I was layout hunting for a very long time. And Thanks for telling me about Ava...she was the one who coded the layout...that link somehow got put in the wrong place. lol.

  2. Hey B!
    First and foremost....I must say you inspire me....GREATLY! You're brillant and thru life's mess, don't ever forget that. Secondly, the quote is true but also remember that there's a quote about how greatness passes those who slumber as well...I know it's one, there's got to be one, wish I could remember it lol. Anyways keep up the great work, as usual. and I've also got a new piece up....check it out and u can put me back on your blogroll lol i promise to be faithful to it everyday. kinda hurt when u took me down lol I was like NOOOOO...I'm just going thru some things right now, I'll be back on it soon. So, I came back, better and stronger.