Monday, November 5, 2007

Food for Thought, Grab a Plate

"Life is full of required courses; it's the electives that are a bitch."

Ironically enough, I discovered this quote while registering for classes this coming semester. Yes, the topic has gone back to this era of my life titled.. College. Anywho, all the classes I registered for were classes required for magazine journalist. I was going to take an extra course, but decided that 5 was enough since they were all in my field, and passing them wasn't optional. Nonetheless, the whole hassle of registering was overwhelming.

Not to be a punk, but this "being thrown into the real world, adult thing" is not as easy as people make it seem. There's no one walking beside you, nodding their head, assuring you that you're doing the right thing. Yeah, the freedom is nice, but at the same time, when you aren't sure what to do in the free time, it's not hard to feel like you're in over your head. Furthermore, if you look at the quote mentioned above, and consider the elective a metaphor for choices.. it hits home even more.

There are things that people do for us, show us how to do, and expect from us. On the other hand, there are things that we decide to do free willingly. As fate would have it, these are usually the things that mold us. The things we choose to partake in are usually the things we have no control over, and we're just stuck in the middle of them. The only thing we can control is our reaction.

More than ever, I've made a point to be cognizant of my reaction to things that are thrown at me during this time in my life.. whether I'm prepared when they hit me or they catch me off guard, I'd like to believe I'm still taking things standing up. And, should I fall, I'm dusting off and stepping back up.

No one said that this life would be easy.. and I'm sure there are people having more than "college" struggles right now who aren't whining about it in blogs :)
2fingers and blessings,

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