Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Raise the Bar

To Whom it May Concern,
It is quite alright to have standards. Furthermore, if you have yet to meet the person who has met you standards, do not assume your standards are too high. Assume that you have not met the right person. Nonetheless, take note of the 80/20 rule mentioned in Tyler Perry's new movie. In a relationship, you will only have about 80% of your needs fulfilled. However, there are people who come along offering that 20% you're missing out on, and it looks appealing because you don't have it. Be able to seperate those offering 80, from those offering 20. Do not allow yourself to settle for 20 thinking that 80 is not a realistic set of traits in a person. As Deborah Bolling, the speaker mentioned in my last blog, said:
"If I get married, he'd have to be a remarkable motherfucker!"

2fingers and blessings,

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