Saturday, November 17, 2007

Working on "H.E.R."

I was on a roll with the daily post right?

Sorry. Crazy as it seems, I've been thinking a lot about hip hop and the relationship that I have with it. So, more than ever, I've been stringing together lines that randomly come to my head and putting together the pieces of what I think will be one of the greatest poems I've ever written. Forgive me for my momentary abandonment. I will post later tonight, a thought is in my head about 9/11 that needs to be released. I had actually started posting it and deleted it on mistake. I'm a genius, right? So I've opted for this, and hopefully you'll check back tonight for the 9/11 recap of sorts. Just letting you know my status. For my faithful readers, glad you're still with me. I'm not missing again. Still very much in tune. Stick with me.

2fingers and blessings,

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